Google Leftist Tantrum

PUBLISHED: 9:26 PM 8 Oct 2018

Google Lead Designer Condemns GOP, Insults Christians

When Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed, he threw an almighty tantrum and condemned half of his customer base in his anger.

A Google lead designer condemned the GOP and insulted Christians in a Twitter screed.

In the last few weeks, it has become increasingly clear to most people that Google has an issue with political bias within its corporate structure. Nothing has recently highlighted that issue so much as the twitter fit thrown by a Google ‘lead designer’ after Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the United States Supreme Court.

Most of those who identified with the political left were less than pleased when, despite attempts to besmirch and impugn his character, Judge Kavanaugh managed to become a member of the Supreme Court. However, a Lead Designer at Google and ‘psychologist’ claimed that the GOP was ‘finished’ in a rant that derided the party as ‘slimy, evil, and treasonous.’

This guy is in a leadership position in Google, so of course, the offensive tirade is still up.

Google Lead Designer Dave Hogue, on his personal Twitter account (which proudly declares that he works at Google) launched into an offensive tirade targeted at conservatives and Christians.

His initial tweet declared “F*CK. YOU. ALL. TO. H*Ll.”

Hogue, who certainly didn’t appear to have any expertise to speak of in politics or jurisprudence, declared that the Republican Party was finished, before issuing more vulgarity.

He also declared that he hoped the last images “burned into” the “slimy, evil treasonous” retinas of party members were those of millions of women “laughing and clapping” as republican souls descended into flames.

That seemed to be, of course, a reference to the lake of fire in the afterlife.

He also took time out of his busy day to insult Christians because they don’t vote like he does, and to declare that if you’re “under 30” and don’t vote in November, you deserve precisely what you get, which, according to David Hogue, will be “nothing.”

It’s hard to make sense of his scarcely coherent tantrum.

For example, it’s not made quite clear what, precisely, republicans did to earn the flames of eternal condemnation.

Certainly, there’s nothing related to the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh to SCOTUS that would earn them such a fate.

Perhaps he’s angry because someone that he believed was a ‘serial rapist’ ended upon the highest court of the land?

However, investigation and testimony didn’t corroborate a single claim raised against Judge Kavanaugh, who had passed six separate background checks from the Federal Bureau of Investigation to reach the confirmation hearing.

Indeed, the more time that passed after the accusations were first raised, the less credible their claimants Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez  became.

By the end, there were several notable holes in claims from Ford, including her allegations that she didn’t like to fly, that she had never coached someone to pass a polygraph, and that she had built a second door in her home because she felt claustrophobic ever since she had been ‘sexually assaulted.’

Frankly, the short Twitter screed just seems like the lamentation of a man angered by the fact that he didn’t get his way, and that he found out accusations weren’t enough to sink the career of a successful jurist with whom he had, or believed he had, disagreements.

Hogue’s comments are hardly a surprise to anyone who has watched the way that social media and internet companies from the area treat people who are any further to the political right than Hillary Clinton.

Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube (which is owned by Google), have all been accused, repeatedly, of showing an obvious and explicit bias against conservatives and their ‘speech’ on the platforms.

Google, due to a number of recent videos which revealed that they took part in partisan schemes during the 2016 election to help increase votes for the democrats, has also been accused of similar bias since James Damore’s firing came to light.

Many on the political right are worried that such partisan entities have so much control over the internet, and that they are so wiling to do their best to suppress the voices of those with whom they disagree.

It happened to Alex Jones, after all, and conservative voices from Candace Owens to Steven Crowder and Ben Shapiro have had similar issues across a broad spectrum of the most popular social media sites of the day.

With people like Mr. Hogue in positions of power, many people agree it’s hardly a wonder that such censorship has continued to be an issue.