PUBLISHED: 5:06 PM 2 Aug 2016
UPDATED: 1:01 AM 3 Aug 2016

Google Just Realized They’ve Made A GRAVE Mistake

Trump smilingWhen people want to search for something they often use Google. It has become a customary practice to say “just Google it” when doing research. However there has been an increasing trend every four years to search for “unbiased” news sources.

The graph below shows the difference in google searches. In July of 2015, there was over 6500 searches for unbiased news. Fast forward to July of 2016, and the searches have nearly doubled, to over 12,000. Google Analytics %22unbiased News%22 2

There could be several explanations for that. One of the most obvious ones has to be that people are tired of watching news stations on television. Whether they are tired of the constant left wing agenda can be up for discussion. However it is interesting that this search seems to happen every four years.

Every four years, as the people of the United States know, is the presidential election year. It is always talked about in the media, and it seems that some stations are trying to push the Democrats more than the Republicans. Google Analytics %22Unbiased News%22

The sudden increase in the search for unbiased news can be taken either in a good way or a bad way. It can be good because people are tired of hearing the same liberal propaganda that they have heard for years. It’s bad because it usually only happens every presidential election year.

Because this only happens once every four years, that still leaves three years of propaganda that the media can instill into their viewers. But this is still a good first step. The media has a lot of power, even if people don’t always see it. The way that they slant it is the way that lots of people will interpret it. That is a tremendous amount of swaying power.

Although it seems that people have wised up and are trying to look for different viewpoints of the same subject. Not everyone will be in favor of this however. One person that seems to be in favor of it is Donald Trump. images

He held a Reddit AMA (Ask me Anything) and someone brought up the issue of the news media and how they don’t always tell the entire truth. Trump replied, for everyone to see, “I have been very concerned about media bias and the total dishonesty of the press. I think new media is a great way to get out the truth.” New media includes social media applications, such as Twitter and Reddit.

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