PUBLISHED: 8:09 PM 12 Jan 2018

Google Earth Makes Accidental Find As Secret Testing Ground Images Reveal Spying Technology


The team at Google Earth may have accidentally out-spied spy plane developers.

The team at Google Earth may have accidentally out-spied spy plane developers.

The current tensions in the international community have pushed several nations to speed up their development of hypersonic technology. If there is new world conflict, having access to hypersonic aircraft and missiles puts the owner at a significant advantage.

Currently, the three most significant players in the race to get a hypersonic aircraft in use are the United States, China, and Russia. Beyond the three superpowers, there are also independent development programs in France and India. The Russians are said to be supporting the programs in both France and India. New programs to develop hypersonic planes in Japan, Australia, and several European countries are also underway.

None of these countries have acknowledged completing a plane development. New satellite photos from a hidden airstrip in the United States may change that. It appears that the famous app Google Earth may have accidentally exposed the existence of a hypersonic plane in Florida. This is significant news because as of January 2018, no one in the world has a hypersonic aircraft that has made it beyond the testing stages.

In the United States, there has been a lot of rumors flying about the on-going work of developers at Lockheed Martin. They are said to have cutting-edge technology and a working hypersonic test plane. This would be a spy plane that can reach a speed above 4,600 miles per hour. Due to the sensitive nature of the program, they have not confirmed this type of aircraft exists at this point.

The speculation about what the new aircraft may look like has lead to several artists creating mock-ups. The futuristic plane drawings only add to the allure of the rumors.

Over the last few years, apps like Google Earth have taken extreme measures to deliver satellite views of the world in real time. It seems that Google may have out-spied the spy plane developers on this one, as the app posted mysterious aerial photos of an airbase that does not technically exist.

The photos in question were taken at a secret location that is about 24 miles deep into the swamps of South Florida. The exact location of what appears to be a testing facility is in a sparsely developed section along the Bee-Line Highway. This is outside of West Palm Beach and a short distance from Mar-A-Lago that is owned by President Trump.

Developers from Lockheed Martin are said to be working with the United States Airforce to develop a spy version of the hypersonic plane. It is possible that the pictures that Google Earth accidentally uncovered show this collaboration. It is also fascinating that the testing location is very close to an area that President Trump routinely visits. Perhaps there is more to his visits to Mar-A-Lago.

It may just be a coincidence that the secret location is so close to property President Trump owns or it might be part of a more significant advancement. This is not known at the moment. What is very clear via the new aerial photos is that there is top secret development taking place in the swamp of Florida.

The significance of a hypersonic spy plane is major. The technology is poised to revolutionize the aerospace industry. To understand the importance, one should first compare the speed difference between this type of plane and what is currently being used.

The average small plane travels at between 100 and 200 miles per hours. A commercial jet may travel between 350 and 500 miles per hour. A hypersonic spy plane can fly at speeds that top 4600 miles per hour. They would come out of nowhere at that rate.

The speed of this type of aircraft puts them at MACH 5. This kind of travel is currently unheard of within the Earth’s atmosphere. This is the type of speed one might expect from space ready aircraft.

At this point in the race to get a hypersonic military plane in the sky, it seems that the photos from Google Earth may expose telling details about the future of the United States military. Are they setting themselves up to take the lead on this emerging technology by quietly working in a Florida swamp? It looks like Google may know more than we previously understood.