Audit Draft Leaked

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 24 Sep 2021
UPDATED: 3:37 PM 24 Sep 2021

“God Is In Control” AZ Audit Draft Leaked… But There’s A Major Problem

This seems highly contrived as a tool for the mainstream propaganda media, so they can claim nothing was discovered, but the facts paint a different picture.

This was done on purpose. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Apparently, in an effort to diffuse the evidence of the election rig, an early ‘draft’ of the AZ audit was ‘leaked’ last night. But, there’s a problem with it.

Citizen Free Press reported:

Wendy Rogers confirms this is only a partial report. This report details the recount results but not the forensic examination of the ballots. Until we hear the full report tomorrow, we won’t know what Cyber Ninjas found.

Wendy Rogers interview with Seb Gorka earlier tonight…

KEY RESULT — More than 55,000 potentially illegal ballots.

The number of illegal ballots found in Maricopa County (more than 55,000) is over 4 times the current amount separating President Trump and Joe Biden in Arizona.

Dr. Kelli Ward — We need a full canvassing of Arizona.

Summary — Draft Report has leaked…

According to a draft copy of the findings obtained by KJZZ, a hand recount of the nearly 2.1 million ballots cast in Maricopa County hewed closely to the official canvass of the results approved by county leaders.

The hand recount for Biden says he gained 99 votes, while Trump lost 261 votes.

Randy Pullen, a spokesman for the election review, confirmed the validity of the draft.

“It’s not the final report, but it’s close,” he said.

The leak comes less than 24 hours before a scheduled presentation in the Arizona Senate, where President Karen Fann and Sen. Warren Petersen, the Republicans who issued subpoenas that obtained the ballots and voting materials needed for the investigation, are giving the contractors they hired to conduct the review a platform to explain their findings.

“What has been found is both encouraging and alarming. On the positive side there were no substantial differences between the hand count of the ballots provided and the official canvass results for the county.”

Pullen confirmed that the hand recount was “relatively close” to the official tally.

“Was there massive fraud or anything? It doesn’t look like it,” he added.

However, the draft report raises concerns about the county’s elections systems and record-keeping, and accuses Maricopa County officials of stonewalling their effort to perform “a complete audit.”

“Had Maricopa County chosen to cooperate, the majority of these obstacles would have easily been overcome.”

Pullen said other reports that will be presented in detail tomorrow have not yet been leaked, and that “anomalies” found in voting records are vast enough to cast doubt on the final vote count — despite the hand recount’s confirmation of the result.

The Gateway Pundit added:

From our sources we learned this was an early draft.  It was not the report that will be released later today.

Wendy Rogers, State Senator from Arizona had this to say:

This was only a draft of a portion of the audit report.  Wendy Rogers says after talking to Doug Logan – “Tomorrow’s hearing will render findings of great consequences.”

Citizen Free press shares:

The number of illegal ballots found in Maricopa County (more than 55,000) is over 4 times the current amount separating President Trump and Joe Biden in Arizona.

AZ GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward came and demanding a full canvass of the state.

A couple of weeks ago hundreds of thousands of ballots were identified that should not have been counted.

We’ll see today at 1:00pm.