PUBLISHED: 6:46 PM 3 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 7:08 PM 3 Jan 2018

“Go On Forever”: Dems Plotting To Extend Witch Hunt Despite Lack Of Results

Himes (pictured) and other Trump haters want to see this witch hunt go on forever.

Himes (pictured) and other Trump haters want to see this witch hunt go on forever.

The truth about the investigation (witch hunt) that is going on against President Donald Trump is utterly devoid of any facts, logic, or reason. The Democrats know that when the case ends and they are proven to be fraudulent, the fallout may be massive. However, the crafty leftists have found that if they keep the investigation going on and on with no end in sight, not only will they put off the truth becoming known, but they can make it appear as if Trump is guilty even when he is not.

As the Daily Caller tells us today, as the investigation is winding down with no guilt being even hinted at towards the White House, “top Democrats are preparing to drag out the investigation and may dispute the committee’s findings.” In other words, even though Donald Trump is not guilty, rather than admit it, we shall keep trying to ruin his rightful victory in the minds of millions.

The corruption is so bold and obvious on the left that one wonders how anyone with a thread of morality could support such a party as the Democrats.

Ryan and his staff (pictured) know that a lot of time has passed with no facts coming against Trump.

The House probe is one of four probes, we are told, the most famous being that of Special Council, Robert Mueller, with the F.B.I. That investigation has managed to turn up a whole lot of nothing even though it was/is peppered with anti-Trump zealots, as the Conservative Daily Post has proven.

It’s in both the Democrats’ and the Republicans’ interests to … write a report based on a common set of facts,” said Representative Jim Himes, a man calling for more interviews. He implies that if more (and needless) interviews are not granted by the G.O.P., people will hint at a Republican cover-up.

Himes seems oblivious to the fact that rather than hinting, the Ameican people are ranting at top volume about the witch hunt explored by the left! “It would be a tragedy if the report has a minority section that says, ‘Look, we wanted to talk to these two dozen witnesses and weren’t able to do so,’” the representative also said.

Paul Ryan, via his spokesperson, AshLee Strong, admitted, “For nearly a year, the House review has been following the facts, and it continues to do so. The investigation will conclude when the Committee has reached a conclusion. It’s clear by the endless political posturing by some House Democrats that they would like to see this investigation go on forever. Whether it concludes next month, next year, or in three years, they’ll say it’s too soon.

It is also the Committee’s responsibility to provide recommendations to Congress to ensure what took place last election never happens again. The only responsible outcome would be to get those Committee recommendations in time to implement them before the election coming just this year,” Strong added.

The fact is that the Democrats do not want this over with. Not only don’t they want to be exposed before the elections themselves as nothing but connivers and sore losers, but they also don’t want to see Donald Trump get the praise that he has earned.

They would rather lie, smear, and keep on searching for facts which they know are simply not there.

Sources: The Daily Caller – The Conservative Daily Post