PUBLISHED: 7:26 PM 30 Dec 2016
UPDATED: 7:52 PM 30 Dec 2016

Global Warming? Liberals Won’t Like Newfound Evidence Revealing Their Man-Made Myth Is A Hoax

Global warming is a hoax!

Global warming is a hoax!

Global warming is a hoax!

It is being reported that a frigid burst of weather is due to absolutely punish the entire continent of North America, leaving only Florida free of the ice and misery. While cold in winter is no more shocking than a dog that barks, what does stand out is just what this cold front actually means.

When the entire story is known, it comes to light that this winter is proving to be much colder than any winter that we have seen in the last fifteen years. The global warming alarmists have been screaming from the housetops for decades about how there was not going to be “anymore winter.” Now that winters have gotten much colder, they are forced to say that global WARMING is causing COLDER winters. If this sounds like a bait and switch scam to sell carbon credits, raise gas taxes, and cost more to heat the family home, that is because that is exactly what it is.

The global warming crowd has bent over backwards atop broken glass and hot coals while weeping trying to convince the average evil energy consuming American that driving a truck is a sin against the planet. People like George Clooney preach at every chance given about the threat posed to the planet from this supposed warming, yet no one is ever supposed to point out that Clooney owns a myriad of multi-million dollar homes that cost more to heat than many city blocks of average homes.

We, as good Hollywood worshiping Americans, are also supposed to not notice or point out that there has been no global warming in the last 18 to 20 years. When data is leaked that shows that scientists often email one another talking about how to spin the global warming lie in order to retain funding, we are to overlook it and blame the hack on Russia, perhaps. We are in NO WAY supposed to ask why there is no global warming.

This matters because the United Nations just keeps moving forward with ideas such as Agenda 21 which would work to see everyone paying a fortune for virtually every light in the house. Gas prices would skyrocket like North Korean nuclear weapons almost do, people would be forced into small homes that look more like matchboxes than dwellings, and the cost of food and goods would also increase due to delivery cost needs.

When the money is followed, it leads to the usual names in terms of who would most benefit. The George Soros crowd and those of that ilk would do wonderfully under Agenda 21. It reminds the world of time that president Jimmy Carter appeared before the cameras in a sweater trying to imply that even he was keeping the heat down in the White House due to the economic crunch. It was pandering then, and it is pandering now.

The other glaring problem with the belief in the fraud of man made global warming is one of health, not only of the pocket book. Those who think that fossil fuels are causing damage to the Earth are usually the ones want to open nuclear power plants as a solution to the “problem.”

The trouble with these monstrosities is that they are often built on fault lines, near coastlines (due to the need of water), they cost more to run than they earn, and worst of all, they poison the environment with cancerous toxins even when running correctly. The two problems of cost and health merge here when it is learned that tax dollars are always subsidies for nuclear power plants to exist since they aren’t insurable.

This is not to say that coal and gasoline fumes are good for us. There is certainly untold numbers of cancers and health issues that come with both. However, is the choice to run technologies that harm us more? Is the solution to raise taxes to a point where the average American can not travel within the nation? Remember, Great Britain may pay more in taxes which leads many to say that America should, too. That logic sounds fine until the grocery bill goes up 200% because it costs so much to bring goods to market with such taxes. Also, with these taxes, who could afford to travel? This could bring the whole economy to dreadful halt.

A Chinese ice ship stuck in the ice that is “not there” according to warming alarmists.

All of this would make sense if the planet was really warming, but it is not. Ice ships are getting stuck in the ice where they were sent study the lack of ice. Not only that, but the ships that are sent to rescue them are also getting stuck in the ice that is not supposed to be there. Even some of NASA’s data has to be reworded and skewed because they too are showing no warming. They called it a “pause,” since we all know that gas consumption must have paused, since it is the cause, no?

Hopefully, the future will one day find a way to bring our energy needs to us without gas and coal. If not, wars will keep happening, and we can all forget traveling to deep space. Still, the way to achieve such breakthroughs is to embrace the free market, take restrictions away from those who are trying to develop new ways to produce energy, bring costs down so that the best minds in America stay in America.

Trump, by pushing for clean coal, is doing just that by making an existing energy form safer.

Lastly, what needs to happen is that until we find a way break away from coal and gas, we need to keep the wise words of Sarah Palin in mind, “DRILL BABY, DRILL.” There is nothing to be gained from remaining beholden to the whims and fancies of a handful of Middle Eastern nations that both hate us and use our own economy against us.

Funding oil companies in America may anger the left, but funding rapists and tyrants in Saudi Arabia should anger them much more.