PUBLISHED: 9:18 PM 24 Mar 2017

Global Warming & Cancer? New Report Fails To Mention Most Important Piece Of The Puzzle


Global warming is being blamed for higher cancer rates, but it has nothing to do with it.

While looking at the lie of global warming, we have studied the facts carefully, showing that man is NOT warming the planet. Our cars are not making the planet heat up, us cooling our homes is not melting any ice caps and no polar bears are stuck “not being able to swim” (they can) due to human activity. Still, even while exposing these facts, we have always been careful to mention that while we are not causing climate change, mankind is causing lung cancer rates to go up. This is seen in studies that have found that 10 to 15 percent of such cancers are in non-smokers, the most famous of which was Christopher Reeves’ wife, Dana, who it killed.

In order to try and sell the lie of global climate change to the ever-growing number of people who know that it is a scam, the warming alarmists have begun to pepper some facts into their recipe of falsehoods. Some medical societies are saying that “man-made Climate Change is causing cancer-related deaths to rise dramatically in the U.S,” according to Blasting News. They then falsely blame man for causing more severe weather patterns, which is not true at all. They go on to blame “increased CO2 levels, and an unprecedented rise in respiratory illnesses are only a few of the issues Americans will face as climate change continues to be ignored as scientific fact.”


Many of the same toxins in cigarette smoke are found in fossil fuel burning. Of that fact, the alarmists on the left are correct.

Not only is man not casting ANY shadow whatsoever upon the patterns of weather, the “unprecedented rise in respiratory illness” is a very real fact of science. To say that man is not harming his lungs, his heart and causing himself cancer and kidney problems by burning fossil fuels is as false as the left claiming that man warms the Earth. To twist and blend two unrelated topics as they are doing is, in essence, blurring the truth. The fact is that by showing that burning fuels causes cancer (it does) whilst saying that the resulting C02 warms the planet (it does NOT), they are misconstruing that cancer is caused by global warming.

The reason for this is that there are elements of C02 involved in both the warming lie and the fact of higher cancer rates. The same lie is used by MADD and other organizations that say that since alcohol (even one beer) is found in a certain amount of accidents that alcohol was a FACTOR in those accidents. Oxygen was present, too. Was it also a factor? There is never any thought given to the fact that the SAME ACCIDENT would have happened THE SAME WAY if someone had NOT had one beer. Why? Well, telling facts like that won’t make the state a fortune in cases, forced treatment, higher rates, etc. Likewise, the fact that man isn’t altering the climate won’t be admitted because THAT fact does not make the state money in taxes and the like. The same tactic is common with government all across the board, one needs only to look for it to find it.


Already, American know-how is creating cleaner ways to burn coal. This will help lessen the cancer problem quite a bit.

The Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health issued a report that is said to “take into account” the “400,000 testimonies from doctors.” This mixing of fact with fiction has lead George Mason University’s Mona Sarfaty and others like her to find global warming to be blamed for cancer increases. The reality is that man is causing cancer, not climate change, for the two are as unrelated as catfish and cantaloupes.

The nonsense that “communities of color, children, the elderly, low-income population and those with chronic illnesses are more affected by climate change,” is also paraded again for all of the world to laugh at. If the planet WAS warming due to man, how is the minority population being hurt more than the others? For that matter, does that mean that blacks in America are affected more by climate change, but whites in Africa are more affected because there are less white people there?  If being a minority makes the effects of warming worse, then what other senseless conclusion can one draw from this “finding” of theirs?


Science is warning people that global warming IS nothing but a scam and a lie. A “hoax,” as Trump has correctly said.

It is found that warm weather causes the Zika virus to flourish, which is true, but it is never admitted that man is not causing the warmer weather. This is a VERY clever ploy that shall fool many who are not prudent as they read. They say that wildfires cause longer allergy seasons, but if man is causing wildfires he is doing so by not knowing how to handle a fire pit, not by driving to the campsite. This same holds true for the other lie given, that “Climate change is expected to take the lives of 240,000 people per year by 2030” and that it leads to “depression and anxiety.” Maybe the fact that fake science is claiming mass deaths is leading to the depression because, other than that, there is no science proving any of these “facts,” either.

Still, this is a good start. No matter how many jokes are made about “Jonny” who voted for Trump while eating steak and drinking a beer, no one on the right wants a terrifying case of lung cancer. Most people who get diagnosed with this infliction will die easily within five years no matter the treatment. Those that do survive often look and feel like shells of their former selves. They are unable to breathe well, and are terrified that it will return. This is something that could be all but cured with cleaner energy options.


With the foolish comments that come from the left, who could take them seriously?

Sadly, the left is too beholden to big government solutions to not see that until those things come to be, the solution is not driving our cars less. It is not paying more for fuel or buying needless carbon credits. It just means letting science create and making sure that new technologies when they do come are not buried for the good of big oil or hampered as some say that Tesla’s findings were. This is because, as any Constitutional scholar can attest to, when such innovations DO come, it will likely be government that hampers the implementation and raises the cost of it.

In the meantime, look for the taxes to rise and for most people to say (as Bernie Sanders foolishly did) that global warming is more of a threat than terrorism is. Look for cancer, heart disorders and the next time someone stubs their toe to be blamed upon the warming of the planet. The lie still has still some life left in it and Uncle Sam won’t stop telling it until every penny has been made from it. That we all can count on.