"Have A Nice Day"

PUBLISHED: 8:35 PM 25 Jun 2018

Glenn Beck Walks Off CNN After Pointed Question

He missed an opportunity to really address the problem by leaving the set.

Beck (pictured) was no amused by the question about selling his empire.

CNN managed to look foolish once again, and as is usually the case, they had it coming. When Blaze owner and talk show host Glenn Beck was invited onto the network to talk about current affairs, host Brian Stelter asked about layoffs which are taking place on his outlet and it went over like firecrackers in a library, Breitbart News has confirmed today.

Stelter took a stab by saying, “Is this related to the point about people not talking to each other? That if you want to create that media company, there’s [sic] not interest? What’s going on with that?” From there things decidedly downward after just one question.

Wow. Brian, thanks a lot. I think that’s the most ridiculous question I’ve ever heard,” responded an offended Glenn Beck. “I’m sitting here ready to talk to you about the detaining of children and parents and trying to break families apart, something that has been happening with Janet Reno! That’s why it went to the Supreme Court in the first place, Janet Reno. It’s been happening. We want to stop it, and you want to play those games? You have a nice day.

While it is always good to see CNN get their due, there are a few holes in Beck’s worldview, too.

To begin with, he missed an opportunity to tell the world how Facebook‘s new algorithm has been a purposeful death knell for countless outlets. He had the opportunity and it went down in a blaze.

Second of all, he likely would not have had very many good things to say about President Donald Trump and the border, anyhow.

The popular host lost a lot of credibility with his Cheeto’s incident mocking the president and his near worship of Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) during the last election cycle. He went from a voice on the radio that made everyone laugh and appeared to a more Tea Party crowd to the watered down version of himself that he is now.

Once a beacon for libertarianism back when most listeners had never heard the term, Beck has now waffled on much of the platform in much the same way that candidate Gary Johnson has.

That said, CNN never misses a chance to attack a conservative and, in that light, the tiny segment is worth a few views.

After all, Beck isn’t perfect, but he is certainly more reliable than CNN, cheese dust and all.