Hard Drive Barely Exposed

PUBLISHED: 7:46 PM 16 Oct 2020

Giuliani: You’ve Only Seen 5 Percent Of What’s On Hunter’s Hard Drive

Rudy Giuliani has been speaking about this for over a year, and he should know.

Wow. (Source: WFLA YouTube Screenshot)

Apparently, there’s plenty more bombshell evidence to expect from Hunter Biden’s hard drive. So, social media platforms will have to work hard to suppress it.

Townhall reported:

Fomer New York City mayor, Trump campaign advisor and former U.S. Attorney Rudy Giuliani is warning Americans they haven’t seen anything yet when it comes to the corruption of the Biden family.

“I have the entire hard drive and the New York Post has only published about five percent of it,” Giuliani said. “The New York Post has at least two more situations even more serious than this. The real big time money corruption takes place with the Chinese Communist Party. In essence we have a man trying to be President of the United States whose family has been in business for a number of years with the Chinese communist government and high level Chinese communists. If we’re stupid enough to do that. China was setting Joe up for years and they have his son by the you know what and they’ve given them plenty of money and coincidentally Joe has caved into China in ever negotiation he’s ever had and he’s the only man in the world who says China is not a threat to us or a competitor. I guess if your family got $30 or $40 million from China, if you were corrupt, I guess you’d say that.”

People under 40 yrs old have no clue, but @RudyGiuliani single handily took down the largest organized crime syndicate in America – the Mafia.

Exposing the #BidenCrimeFamily is peanuts for Rudy.

Must watch … pic.twitter.com/bChgPYs6jq

— Donna Cahill (@DTCahill) October 15, 2020

Earlier this month Giuliani hinted at information he has about Hunter and Joe Biden, some of which has since been published in the New York Post and censored by Twitter and Facebook.

Biden can’t stand up to China.

They own him.

His son,brother and sister-in-law are,and have been, partners with businesses owned by Communist China and high level members of the CCP.

Records I have seen show over $30 million paid to the #BidenCrimeFamily and a lot more to go.

— Rudy W. Giuliani (@RudyGiuliani) October 8, 2020