Giuliani Claims Stun

PUBLISHED: 10:03 PM 30 Jul 2018

Giuliani Reveals New Trump Tower Meeting, Claims It Didn’t Happen

President Donald Trump's lawyer seemingly revealed a new 'Trump Tower' meeting, then said that it never happened a few hours later.

Donald Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, revealed a new Trump Tower meeting, hours before claiming that it never happened.

One of last week’s big stories was the ongoing claim that Donald Trump Jr. had a meeting in Trump Tower to get ‘dirt’ on the Clinton campaign from a Russian agent. It’s been an ongoing story for months now, but supposed new revelations and claims dragged it back to the surface.

However, now Rudy Giuliani, a lawyer for President Donald Trump, is saying that the Trump campaign held ‘top-level’ meeting before the get-together. However, he also claimed that the president wasn’t there, and that the meeting had nothing to do with hypothetical ‘dirt’ on the Clinton campaign or its candidate. He then fed liberal into talking points with his bizarre call into a Fox News show to contradict himself. Though it’s becoming increasingly obvious that Robert Mueller has nothing about collusion, it’s hard to say at this point that Giuliani isn’t doing more harm than good, simply feeding the beast with misstatements.

According to one of the President’s lawyers, key people who were at the ‘infamous’ Trump Tower meeting in June 2016, were also at another meeting days before the meeting with a Russian who allegedly offered the campaign ‘dirt’ on Hillary Clinton.

Giuliani said that the meeting occurred on June 7, 2016, two days before the now-infamous meeting on June 9.

The lawyer said that the meeting had nothing to do with planning for the meeting that followed two days later, as he said Donald Trump’s longtime lawyer Michael Cohen was alleging.

He made this revelation during an interview with CNN’s show, ‘New Day’, saying that that was a “real meeting” on another “provable subject” that the President did not participate in.

Giuliani also made reference to Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis.

However, after this interview, he called into Fox News, and said that the second meeting had never happened.

To quote him, Rudolph Giuliani said “we deny that happened. We say it didn’t happen.”

According to him, that meeting was brought up to him by another lawyer for Donald Trump, Jay Sekulow, and apparently two reporters are already working on the story.

However, the former prosecutor and mayor of New York City said that the alleged participants in this meeting said that it didn’t happen.

Giuliani continued on to say that the reason he was talking about this alleged meeting was due to fears that it was “going to come out.” He also said that at this point, he thinks ‘colluding’ with Russia may not even be a crime.

Essentially, the former federal prosecutor said that, in his opinion, it was the ‘hacking’ of the server that was the crime.

He said that President Donald J. Trump did not pay the Russians for their election hacking, which constituted the criminal act.

Giuliani continued following that logic, saying that if CNN got information, hacked information, from the Russians, and they played it, that wouldn’t be collusion.

Then he argued that even if collusion had occurred, colluding with Russia might not even be a crime.

He continued to say that the only crime that was committed, the only specific criminal act, was hacking. Giuliani said that he made that statement to attack the legitimacy of the ongoing Robert Mueller special investigation.

The Trump lawyer also stated that the claim that Donald Trump Jr. walked into his father’s office and told him about the meeting with the Russians in Trump Tower was “categorically untrue.” He went on to say that two witnesses corroborate that account, though he did not name the witnesses.

He also referenced testimony by Trump Jr. to Congress.

On Fox News, Giuliani said that they checked with the lawyers of four out of the six people allegedly present for the meeting before the infamous June 9, meeting with the Russians.

From that check, he felt comfortable claiming that the meeting never happened, stating that it was either a figment of Michael Cohen’s imagination, or else it was a lie by the same.

Allegedly, the only meeting set for that day that included any of the people listed was a meeting about a Hispanic judge that President Trump (then candidate Trump) had criticized, an apparent reference to Judge Gonzalo Curiel.

While he seemed disjointed during his time on the air, Giuliani does have a good point concerning collusion.

According to a number of experts, such as Paul Rosenzweig, ‘collusion’ is not a federal crime, except where the antitrust law is concerned.

Renato Mariotti, a former federal prosecutor like Giuliani who worked obstruction cases, suggested that, from a legal standpoint, it’s not enough for an associate of President Donald J. Trump to work with a Russian.

According to Mariotti, the associate would need to work with the Russian to commit a crime, to aid the Russian in committing a crime, or to conceal a crime the Russian had committed.

However, the President may want to consider who he has on his legal team. If they cannot be coherent in front of the cameras, they’re likely to do more harm than good to him, and to a public perception of him, which is very important in the midterm election and the fast-approaching 2020 elections.