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PUBLISHED: 6:12 PM 20 Jul 2018

Giuliani Responds To Report Michael Cohen Took Secret Recording Of Trump Conversation

"Trump told Cohen to make the payment in the form of a check so it could be documented."

Page admitted to working for Clinton.

According to reports, Michael Cohen secretly taped a private conversation he had with President Donald Trump about an alleged “payment” to Playboy model Karen McDougal, who claims she had an affair with Trump more than a decade ago. The Hill reported the FBI has the tape and is using it in their investigation, raising serious questions about attorney-client privilege.

Despite many liberals hyperventilating over the report, Rudy Giuliani, who is part of Trump’s legal team, confirmed that the tape is real. However, he has revealed that Trump can be heard on the short tape instructing Cohen to make the payment in the form of a check so it could be documented.

The tape reportedly does not reveal any admission that Trump had an affair with McDougal more than a decade ago nor does it indicate that any laws were broken.

In fact, Giuliani said the tape reveals that Trump told Cohen, who previously served as the president’s personal lawyer, to pay McDougal with a check to ensure a legal record can be documented.

McDougal has also filed a lawsuit against Trump, claiming she had an affair with Trump in 2006, and that Trump did not honor his promise to help her career. She claims she was romantically involved with Trump and that he didn’t honor his promise to her at the time.

As reported by Conservative Daily Post, the secret recording was obtained after Special Counsel Robert Mueller gave a referral to federal prosecutors to obtain a search warrant to seize documents from Cohen’s hotel, home, and office.

The documents seized earlier this year were related to the FBI investigating whether any laws were broken regarding the nondisclosure agreement between Cohen and Trump with adult film star Stormy Daniels. She reportedly received $130,000 in late 2016 as part of the agreement to remain quiet about the alleged affair.

Daniels claims that she had an affair with Trump more than a decade ago. However, Trump has denied the claim. She is suing so she can legally speak out about the alleged affair and break her nondisclosure.

While the media floats around unfounded conspiracy theories, it’s important to note that Giuliani said Trump can be heard on the secret recording specifically instructing Cohen to make the payment to McDougal in the form of a check, so it could be documented.

If that is true, it would appear no laws were broken.

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