Americans Taking Back

PUBLISHED: 5:09 PM 4 Nov 2021

Giant Slayer Edward Durr: How America Is Taking Back It’s Government

But… tell me again how Murphy suddenly got 40K votes overnight to steal the election from the voters?

Real Americans must take back this nation. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

The republic is designed (when votes are counted honestly and accurately) to allow for anyone to achieve office… and if Americans want to save their dying republic, we need more Edward Durr’s.

Conservative Treehouse explained:

Edward Durr is a blue-collar truck driver for a furniture store in South New Jersey.  In an incredible David v Goliath political upheaval, Durr decided to run for office against the most powerful Democrat in the New Jersey Senate, and it looks like Edward Durr is going to win.  {Direct Rumble Link}

New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney was a likely candidate to become the Democrat candidate for governor in New Jersey, as he has deep political connections and decades inside the Garden State political machine.  However, Edward Durr was fed up with the ridiculous COVID dictates from the governor’s office, and the non-response from any political office to push back against the nonsense.  So, he decided to take a stand.

Specifically, because he knew his neighborhood was frustrated with the politics of COVID and the manipulative rules, Edward Durr decided the district needed another option and ran against Sweeney for the State Senate seat.  Mr. Durr has stunned the political establishment with a genuine grassroots campaign that has likely defeated the second most powerful office holder in New Jersey.

(Via Politico) “I kept telling myself and telling people I was going to do it, but in the back of my mind I was like, ‘You know, how am I going to beat the Senate president?” said Durr, who ran unsuccessfully for Assembly in 2019 and has never held elected office.

But Durr said that as he sat in his living room with his family Tuesday night as the results rolled in, it dawned on him that there was a decent chance he‘d soon be a member of the state Senate.  “My daughter was sitting next to me. She laughed at me and said ‘Dad, you’ve got tears running down my face,” Durr said Wednesday morning.

Durr, a 58-year-old father of three and grandfather of six who grew up in South Jersey and lives in Logan Township, estimates he spent less than $10,000 on the race. By contrast, in 2017, when the New Jersey Education Association, state’s largest teachers union, was feuding with Sweeney, it spent about $5.4 million to take him out, yet he still won by 18 points.

This was a far different electorate, with Republican districts and those with large blue collar populations turning out in droves for Republicans.

It wasn’t just Sweeney. Durr’s Assembly running mates, Bethanne McCarthy Patrick and Beth Sawyer, appeared on track to defeat incumbents John Burzichelli and Adam Taliaferro (both D-Gloucester).

Durr said Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy’s coronavirus executive orders, vaccine and school mask, unemployment benefits snafus and a general distrust of the South Jersey Democratic machine that has dominated the region for years all contributed to his strong performance.

Sweeney, Durr said, “never challenged” Murphy during the pandemic.

“You have the debacle of unemployment. The masking of the kids in school. You have Senator Sweeney trying to take away peoples’ medical freedom rights,” Durr said. “I think the perfect storm was that he stepped into a pile of you-know-what and couldn’t get out of it because he didn’t know which way to turn. I just tapped into the right focus.”  (Read More)