PUBLISHED: 7:26 PM 29 Nov 2017
UPDATED: 10:56 PM 29 Nov 2017

Ghost Ship Raises Serious Questions As Skeletal Remains Discovered

This lonesome boat was found with a skeleton crew of 8, badly decomposed.

This lonesome boat was found with a skeleton crew of 8, badly decomposed.

North Korea is a nation that is so different and strange from the rest of the world that it is hard to find the right terms to even describe the phenomenon. One on hand, the average American third grader has a better understanding of the world than the typical North Korean outside of Pyongyang, yet their leader has his fat finger on a button to start World War Three as he views himself as a god.

Now Yahoo News has shown us that it is not only the leadership of the D.P.R.K. which is mysterious and odd. That is because a crew of 8 decomposed bodies was all that was found on a vessel near Japan this week and the boat is thought to have been traveling from the Hermit Kingdom.

This was quite the skeleton crew!

This vessel, found on Friday (two days before the above pictured boat) was also from North Korea.

The remains were found in a boat seven meters long as the “wooden boat first spotted drifting along Miyazawa beach on Friday,” according to the Japan Times and the Japanese Coast Guard.

Bad weather delayed the search on Sunday, though it resumed Monday. The corpses are so badly aged that it no one knows yet the gender of those on board. No much more than bones remained. However, Korean writing was found which points to ships origin as being North Korea, according to Kyodo News.

The “ghost ship” was seen by a 68-year-old witness who said that she observed the bodies being taken off of the boat. “I was surprised to see the boat in such a bad condition,” she said.

Near Sado Island, a similar discovery was made as the crew was found “with what appeared to be North Korean cigarettes and life jackets printed with Korean lettering,” Reuter reports. Eight others were found on the boat who claimed to not be defectors, only fisherman who had become stranded in the storm.

Those fleeing the hardship of the D.P.R.K. are treated horribly in prisons, so it stands to reason that boats are used to avoid detection.

A boat before that capsized and those saved were taken back to N.K. also claiming to be victims of misfortune.

So, are we seeing more and more North Koreans trying to flee before the hell that may be an American strike happens? This is very likely since the sanctions are crippling the despotic regime.

We can only wait to see what washes up on shore. Hopefully, those found next time will be in a better state than this ghost ship which will haunt the memory of those who found it for quite a few nights.

Source: Yahoo News – The Japan Times – Kyodo News