Vax or Starve

PUBLISHED: 5:43 PM 15 Oct 2021
UPDATED: 5:45 PM 15 Oct 2021

Get Deadly Vaccine Or Starve: Germany Creates ‘Final Solution’ For Non-Vaxxers

The symbolism is pretty scary.

Are people so ignorant that they can't see what's happening? (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

In Germany, controlling the population has never been a problem, and it seems that the latest move is designed to nip all resistance completely off. Grocery stores may now ban non-vaccinated.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

In Hesse Germany all retailers including grocery stores can now decide whether they want to allow the unvaccinated in their stores.

Hesse includes Frankfurt, the second-largest metropolitan region in Germany.

So they’re going to kill people who won’t get the COVID vax?
How does this make sense?

BILD reported:

The pressure on the unvaccinated grows and grows!

In Hesse, all retailers, including the supermarket, can now decide for themselves whether they want to implement the 3G rule (vaccinated, tested, recovered) or the 2G rule – so far there have been no access restrictions in supermarkets to give everyone the option of basic services grant.

The Hessian State Chancellery confirms to BILD that the “2G option model” also applies to the food retail sector.

Incidentally, there were also German soldiers marching with torches in front of the Reichstag this week in a ‘tradition’… but the symbolism seems striking, given the new dictatorial commands.