PUBLISHED: 6:32 PM 21 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 8:45 PM 21 Dec 2017

German School Does UNTHINKABLE, Relocates ENTIRE Event As Muslim Opens Mouth

Leaders in Italy also removed a Christmas tree in order to not offend Muslims.

Leaders in Italy also removed a Christmas tree in order to not offend Muslims.

Let us imagine that someone is outside in the snow, freezing to death, and claiming that they need a place to stay. Once this is allowed, picture the needy person changing the decor, moving the furniture, and throwing away family photos. That is what Germany is facing as the Muslim hordes who they have let in are forcing German culture into the background as Islam is catered to.

Prison Planet confirms that a German school has moved an entire Christmas celebration over the complaint of one Muslim student. Can we expect to have Ramadan moved if a Christian student complains, or does this injustice only work in one direction? No one knows, but the holiday gathering in Lüneburg was moved “out of consideration for those of other faiths.”

The compulsory party is now a voluntary party, which while that is understandable, the point is lost. When is Islam going to cater to other religions the way that they expect everyone to do for theirs? Islam is not a religion that is even based on historical facts and yet it is treated as if it were totally authentic.

The Islamic student complained about “the singing of Christian Christmas carols” and said that it was “not compatible” with her religion. Well, perhaps her religion is “not compatible” with the West and she should debate returning to the rape factory that is much of the Muslim world.  After such a trip, she may have a bit more reverence for Germany and the West.

Students are said to be “furious” about the move, too. “Something is being made a problem where none was before,” said one student.

Sadly, student spokeswoman Thurka Parathaman stuck up for the Muslim invaders and said that this action takes other faiths “into consideration.” This is a foolish argument to make since Christmas is about Christ, not about other faiths. Other faiths have their holy days and they have no right to impede on anyone else’s.

Is Ramadan supposed to now tone down in order to not offend other faiths? If so, we can’t wait to see it since it has yet to happen.

Author Paul Joseph Watson tells us that a “Christmas tree in the Italian city of Bolzano” was taken away so that no one would get “hurt feelings” or “offended.” However, didn’t Christians get hurt and offended when their tree was removed? Why did that not get taken into account?

Why must the West accept this?

Respect for every religion should not be confused with the removal of the traditional symbols on which our society is founded,” said Allesandro Urzì. However, how could this Italian politician say that as he tramples the rights of Christians?

The reason is clear. Islam is being given a pass because it is being portrayed as an accurate religion. It is being used to break up the existing culture in the West and there seems to be no end in sight.

If the end of this is not demanded, there won’t be Christmas as we know it anywhere in Germany….or the West.

Source: Prison Planet