Doctor Arrested

PUBLISHED: 6:11 PM 21 Nov 2020

German Doctor Fighting COVID Lockdowns Arrested In Home By Police

This video is disturbingly eerie because it reminds viewers of the rise of the Nazi party, which liberals seem bent on reviving.

What? (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

A German doctor who has been an outspoken critic of COVID lockdowns was arrested in his home while performing a livestream.

News Punch reported:

Dr. Andreas Noack was rumored to be under investigation for not complying with draconian German COVID-19 lockdown laws, but this has not been confirmed and many are speculating there is more to the story.

The arrest came after Angela Merkel’s government passed the “Infection Protection Law’.

During the livestream, police can be heard banging on the door at the location where Noack was broadcasting.

It’s the police,” said a man off-camera.

Shouting is then heard along with screams of “Polizei!” before armed cops are seen entering and ordering Noack to get on the floor, as he is treated like some kind of violent terrorist.

As Noack is handcuffed, a police officer in a mask then appears to try to shut down the live stream but only succeeds in diverting the camera.

This is happened to doctor Andreas Noack in Germany. After the unconstitutional approval of the infection law, police broke into his house while he was having a live transmission on YouTube. Those who cried against “fascism” have created the most criminal dictatorship in history.

— Cesare Sacchetti (@CesareSacchetti) November 19, 2020

Commenters were shocked and dismayed by Dr. Noack’s arrest with many comparing the actions of the German government and police to Nazi-era tactics.

The Nazis didn’t start with dragging people off to concentration camps. That was the conclusion,” said Roger Viggers. “They started by arresting and imprisoning dissenters, trade unionists and others who called their actions in to question.”

We might have to wait to compare something as dreadful as Nazism to something that is still ongoing and developing, but one thing is for sure: these actions on the part of governments to silence all those influential people whose views differ from mainstream propaganda, are definitely reminiscent of that kind of heinous past. History might repeat itself and we should do our utmost to prevent that from happening again,” said Mar Li.

Others suggested the reason was that Noack had welcomed too many people into his house, violating COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings.

I think the guy is guilty of expressing his opinions,” said another respondent.

They’ve turned back the clock to the 1930’s,” remarked another.

Insanity!” commented another.

Germany has seen numerous massive anti-lockdown protests, including one yesterday in Berlin during which police hit protesters with water cannons.

As we previously highlighted, a pregnant mother in Australia received a home visit and was arrested by police for the crime of helping to organize an anti-lockdown protest on Facebook.