GA Passes ID Law

PUBLISHED: 4:30 PM 25 Feb 2021
UPDATED: 5:45 PM 25 Feb 2021

Georgia Senate Passes Voter ID Law For All Absentee Ballots

A few patriots are fighting to stop the massive rig going on in Georgia.

This is huge! (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Needless to say, when the Georgia House passed the law requiring all absentee ballots to be verified by a voter ID, democrats were livid. Liberals use absentee ballots to rig elections… as was clearly evident during the 2020 race. And if they don’t have enough, they simply shut the counting down to ‘infuse’ as many as needed.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

The Georgia Senate passed legislation last night requiring an ID with absentee voting.

The bill passed 35-18 and is a huge win for election integrity in the red state that saw their votes stolen in the 2020 election.

John Fredericks broke this news Wednesday morning on The War Room with Steve Bannon.

John Fredericks: Last night the Georgia GOP-led Senate passed a bill requiring absentee ID – identification for all absentee ballots.  They passed this.  It was SB67.  They passed it 35-18 along party lines.  That means if you send in an absentee ballot… now you have to have a photo ID.  You have to send in your ID picture. You have to have a Georgia ID, license or government-issued license on the absentee ballot.  This was a huge win.  The vote was initiated by Republican Senator Larry Walker… Without the deplorable in Georgia, this never would have happened.