Dem Counts On Illegals

PUBLISHED: 7:46 PM 14 Oct 2018

Georgia Dem Claims Illegals Will Help ‘Blue Wave’ Succeed

Stacy Abrams told supporters that the coming blue wave would include illegals and others.

Democrat Stacey Abrams is counting on 'undocumented' people to help the blue wave crash the 2018 election.

Georgia Democrat candidate for Governor, Stacey Abrams said Tuesday that the “blue wave” will include “undocumented” immigrants and other supposedly disenfranchised people.

While speaking to supporters at the Clayton County campaign office, Abrams made the shocking comments during an event with Senator Elizabeth Warren. First reported by The Washington Free Beacon, she seemed to imply that illegals would be voting in the upcoming election.

“The thing of it is, the blue wave is African American. It’s white, it’s Latino, it’s Asian-Pacific Islander,” said Abrams, “it is disabled, it is differently-abled, it is LGBTQ, it is law enforcement, it is veterans.”

“It is made up of those who’ve been told that they are not worthy of being here. It is comprised of those who are documented and undocumented,” she spewed.

The “blue wave” is the term democrats are using to threaten President Trump about an upcoming overturn of the House and Senate. According to Abrams’ rhetoric, she appeared to imply that the 2018 election will include illegal aliens as potential voters.

Many conservatives understand that the gubernatorial candidate’s assertion may not be that far off. A recent internal audit revealed that the California Department of Motor Vehicles had illegally registered an additional 1,500 people to vote, which included non-citizens.

Additional estimates suggest that upwards of 23,000 people have been illegally registered in California.

The California ‘Motor Voter’ program has been fraught with problems since it’s inception, so many republicans wonder if it was designed that way.

In fact, “According to Monica Showalter and other sources like the Sacramento Bee, the state of California processed 23,000 inappropriate voter registrations. However, even though the state has no way of knowing whose registrations were accidentally processed, they’re absolutely sure that there were no illegal immigrants in the list… they claim.”

“The state ‘accidentally’ screwed up at least a ‘mere’ 23,000 registrations and their own registration system.”

To many conservatives, such a ‘mistake,’ seems similar to the one made by Barack Obama’s IRS, when it ‘accidentally’ targeted conservative groups.

Abrams herself has been under fire for failing to disclose who donated millions of dollars to her campaign.

As previously reported, “Abrams, who is running against Republican nominee Brian Kemp and allegedly has connections to liberal billionaire George Soros, refusing to be transparent with Georgia voters has raised serious questions about why she is protecting the source of the funds. This is also the same woman who has been leading efforts to target ‘low propensity’ voters, yet it appears that efforts from the two organizations has had no effect on turning out black voters.”

Most conservatives agree that finding a way to stop illegal voters from impacting elections is crucial. Whether it happens, however, is anyone’s guess.