PUBLISHED: 12:39 AM 7 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 6:53 PM 7 Jan 2018

Georgia Correction Office Christmas Card Causes Leftist Outrage And Racial Accusations

While it’s true all race-baiters and race hustlers are idiots, pretend black man Shaun King really takes the cake.

While it’s true all race-baiters and race hustlers are idiots, pretend black man Shaun King really takes the cake.

It would have been nice to make it through the holiday season without having to listen to more stuff about race. Even the holidays couldn’t keep the race-baiters and race hustlers away. They’re all idiots, and perhaps Shaun King is the biggest idiot of all.

King says he is black even though he is a white man. He apparently has a lot of time on his hands because he threw a real holiday hissy fit when the Georgia Department of Corrections posted this festive and cheerful office greeting on its Facebook page. The photo shows the group posing in a cotton field.

What’s the big deal? Georgia is a southern state and cotton grows there as a legit crop. In fact, it employs quite a few people. But King wasn’t having it. He saw a much darker, sinister force in the photo. “The Georgia Department of Corrections posed in a COTTON FIELD for their holiday photo!” King furiously exclaimed.

What used to be a fight for equality, not superiority, the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s illuminated the facts that segregation was wrong. However, now liberals have disgraced the Civil Rights movement by calling for segregation from whites.

King posted his hatred on Facebook and the intense outrage provoked by King quickly spiraled out of control. It ended up with the Department Of Corrections having to pull the photo and issue a formal apology:

“The GDC has elected to remove the post of the Southeast Regional Division holiday photo. The intention was to wish our followers a happy holiday, and we apologize if the picture itself or any of those comments were offensive to our users.”

Some people—we’re talking about King—are just huge Scrooges! Like so many, the GDC has obviously been bullied by a big bully like King. They removed a photo which to most people would have been perfectly acceptable. In fact, they wouldn’t have batted an eye. But race baiters like King are not happy unless they are stirring up trouble.

A billboard ad with a message “Don’t believe the liberal media.”

As if that wasn’t enough, to make matters worse, the MSM promoted King by giving him his 15 minutes of fame. When this happens, it only makes matters worse. National news media like Newsweek began weighing in on the GDC. Talk about overkill. Even after GDC pulled the photo and apologized, they were still being pulverized in the MSM.

Did anyone stop to think that maybe those employees work really hard and all the criticism was perhaps putting a damper on their holidays? Just think about all the situations the GDC must deal with. Most of us would probably not even want those jobs, but those lovely people do it well.

Other organizations picked up on King’s rants, like the director of Atlanta’s Women on the Rise, an organization that lobbies on behalf of convicted criminals. She argued that the photo was highly “disrespectful to black people”, even though many of the people pictured in the photo were indeed black themselves. I guess they don’t count.

MSM is totally liberal.

You have to take rants by organizations like this with a big, big grain of salt. After all, they lobby that women who commit crimes shouldn’t go to jail because it is too hard for them to find jobs and they would obviously lose their jobs if they were locked up. Really? Any crime? Shoplifting? Murder? Are they all weighted equally? They also say that convicted drug offenders should get food stamps and are lobbying for Georgia to lift that ban. It is doubtful that the state’s taxpayers would be too happy about having to foot THAT bill.

What is wrong with people? None of this even makes an ounce of common sense.

Here’s what the director said to Newsweek: “Our criminal justice system is the modern embodiment of systematic racism and oppression that has plagued this country since its founding.” Okay—but why attack a GDC Christmas card? It’s a bit much.

Cotton has created quite the controversy this last year.

GDC was criticized for failing to connect cotton with racism. So was Hobby Lobby a while back, who was lambasted for even selling cotton bolls in its floral section.

We are more alike than we are different, but people like King cannot embrace that. Instead, they choose to see racism in everything, and continue to spew hate-filled rhetoric that continues to divide the American people.

Certainly there are many issues surrounding race relations in America, but stop attacking cotton—and Christmas!