Freeman’s Daughter Subpoenaed

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 7 Jun 2021
UPDATED: 4:48 PM 7 Jun 2021

Georgia Cheaters Subpoenaed! Ruby Freeman’s Daughter Must Submit To Deposition

Finally! Why wasn’t this done months ago?!

Rigged election. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

The cheaters in Georgia, who pulled out suitcases of ballots and were actually videotaped scanning ballots over and over, have been subpoenaed in the lawsuits concerning that rigged election.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

It’s getting hot in Georgia! One of the individuals caught on tape late on election night in Fulton County, Georgia, Wandrea Shaye Moss, has been subpoenaed for a deposition in a civil trial in Fulton County.

Who can forget Ruby, Ralph, and Ruby’s daughter Wandrea Shaye?

After removing everyone from the State Farm Arena on 2020 Election night and sending them home, these three individuals and a couple of others pulled out ballots hidden under the table and began jamming them into the vote tabulation machines. The election workers were filmed shoving stacks of ballots through the machines two and three times each.

In early December The Gateway Pundit was first to identify the culprits. Ruby Freeman and her daughter Wandrea were two of the individuals who pulled the hidden ballots out from under the table on Election night.

The Gateway Pundit also discovered that these piles of ballots were run through the tabulators multiple times.

We asked in December why the FBI had not spoken with the culprits and arrested them for election-related crimes.

President Trump knew about this and called out crooked Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger on it, but as we all know Raffensperger did nothing.

But now they are in the news again. Daughter Shaye was subpoenaed in a civil case in Georgia.

This was reported late last night.

Here is the full document from the public record access of Fulton County.