Leftist Vents Spleen

PUBLISHED: 8:41 PM 2 Oct 2018

Georgetown Leftist Professor Tweets Advocacy For Castrating White Corpses, Feeding Remains To Pigs

A Georgetown University professor tweeted our her desire to see white corpses mutilated in horrific ways because some "entitled" men disagreed with her rush to judgment.

A leftist Georgetown professor advocated for horrific things on the social media site 'Twitter,' but it seems that her employer will not punish her for it.

Over the weekend, a comment by a leftist professor at a major university in the United States showcased just how far the radical left has gone, and how unhinged they are by the Brett Kavanaugh nomination and likely confirmation.

C. Christine Fair, a professor at Georgetown University, tweeted out over the weekend that “entitled white men” should be killed, have their corpses castrated, and then be fed to pigs.

This comment, made in response to Senator Lindsey Graham’s unusually spirited defense of United States Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh, did not result in any disciplinary action. Her advocacy for ‘castration’ of ‘white men’s’ corpses was sick, and yet this deranged and disturbed individual has been approved to teach American teens and kids.

Fair, an associate professor in Georgetown University’s ‘Security Studies’ program, tweeted out a suggestion that “entitled white men” were “justifying” a “serial rapist’s” entitled arrogance during the confirmation hearings.

Of course, there’s no allegation that Kavanaugh was a ‘serial rapist’ whatsoever.

Christine Blasey Ford, whose testimony has not been corroborated, accused him of sexual assault, not of rape. Julie Swetnick accused him of ‘spiking’ punch, and Deborah Ramirez, in an accusation that seems to be falling apart, claimed he showed her his genitalia.

However, ‘professor’ Fair didn’t stop there. She said that all of those “entitled white men” deserved to die miserably, while feminists “laugh as they take their last breaths.”

She also wrote that, as a ‘bonus,’ feminists could “castrate” the deceased bodies and “feed them to swine.”

In a statement, her university said that they respected Fair’s right to ‘freedom of speech,’ although they also expected her to maintain a ‘bias-free’ classroom.

This isn’t the first time that Fair has been criticized for being outright hateful over political matters.

In 2017, she sent what many described as “hateful, vulgar” messages to a former professor at her school.

When she found out that her coworker, Asra Nomani, voted for Donald Trump, she began harassing her, telling her she had “written [her] off as a human being.”

She also chided Nomani, saying that her vote “helped normalize” Nazis in Washington D.C., and called her a “clueless dolt.” (Most conservatives recognize the complete idiocy of this statement, and the fact that she is the clueless one.)

She also posted a Facebook screed, which included the message “F*CK YOU. GO TO HELL,” directed at Nomani.

Fair also managed to get herself detained while she was traveling in January 2018. She was stopped and detained at an airport in Frankfurt, Germany, after she allegedly called German Police “Nazi police.”

Carol Christine Fair received her bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate from the same place; the University of Chicago.

Fair, who somehow became the ‘Provost’s Distinguished Associate Professor’ despite a nasty disposition and a seeming inability to travel without causing an incident, has worked at a number of thinktanks.

At Georgetown University, her specializations included Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Islamist militancy, insurgency and counterinsurgency, and ‘public support for militancy.’

Perhaps she forgot to add ‘feminist militancy’ to the list of expertise?

Although her comment was, to many, horrific, and the way it spoke of her character was terrible to say the least, her college seemed to be happy to stand by her so long as she didn’t show any of her hard-left ‘feminist’ (one might even call it feminazi) bias in the classroom.

Would Georgetown be so quick to defend her words had the groups she talked about been switched, though?

What if the provost’s ‘distinguished’ associate professor had written about how she wished the same thing had happened to African-Americans in the United States?

Somehow, it doesn’t seem likely that she would still be teaching.

It’s hard to believe that someone who would so readily write such a screed, or so completely misrepresent the still unproven allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, could be unbiased in her teaching.

Furthermore, the way that she harassed a former coworker would, for the average employee, not help her case, and could even cause her to lose her job.

But this leftist professor, who said unusually awful things on Twitter about what she would like to see done to politicians who dared to expect that there be some sort of presumption of innocence on the part of Judge Kavanaugh (who has passed through no less than six FBI background checks unscathed), doesn’t seem likely to face any sort of backlash.

It’s disturbing to see that, during her career, she worked for such notable and patriotic institutions as West Point. Was she always so vulgar and hateful, or is that a recent character trait?

Perhaps, as with so many other leftists, she just ended up suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Still, that doesn’t excuse her comments, or her horrific ‘desire’ to see such things wrought upon people.