PUBLISHED: 5:57 PM 28 Feb 2017

Gen. McMaster Replaced Flynn Last Week, Reveals His Aggression Towards Russia After Buzz Run


McMaster has a much harder view of Russia than his predecessor did. This is something that Putin has brought upon himself via his actions towards the United States.

Donald Trump, whilst on the road to the White House against Hillary Clinton, made it clear that he was much more like Ronald Reagan than he was like Barrack Obama. Trump felt very strongly that peace could be achieved again with the U.S.A. and Russia if the two sides simply would talk about their driving concerns. Trump spoke up for the sovereignty of Russia and showed Putin the respect (even using that very word) that was so lacking from NATO and the West towards him.

In answer to this, Russia has allowed Chinese weapons to sit on the Russia/China border pointed towards the United States on Trump’s inauguration ceremony. They even added insult to injury by saying that they could tell which direction the weapons were facing, as if to say, “Pointed at the U.S. is fine.” Never to mind were we who reasoned that Russia could have also known, but that very admission of which way NATO weapons were aiming to fight terror. Somehow China got a free pass for parking weapons on the border to threaten the U.S. while America got the shaft for fighting terror on the same border. Trump’s kindness was returned with dross.


It was only back on Jan 29th many in the media reported that Trump wanted to fight terror with Russia. Less than a month later, Putin is still needlessly dashing those hopes.

Likewise, as Trump said that Russia had nothing to do with any hacks, his election win, or anything of the kind, he was attacked for “sticking up for Putin.” How disavowing a proven lie is “sticking up for” anyone is still a mystery that fake news agencies like CNN refuse to solve. Still, Trump did say that under him, Russia would stop buzzing U.S. warships and showing military muscle to America when unprovoked. It was Trump’s way of saying, even in those early debates, that if one act of military cockiness happened, it may demand an American response. What does Putin do? Putin needlessly buzzed U.S. warships, again risking war, for no reason.

Well, much like many Palestinian radicals who do not understand that the way to get Israel to share land is not to bomb the land that they already are not sharing, so it is that Putin can not seem to understand that getting Trump to remove NATO weapons from the Russian border is not to disrespect his battleships. The way to get that to happen is to not to do ANY of the rather mean hearted things that Putin has done towards America since Trump has taken office. Trump had been willing, it seemed, to talk about anything. Now, with pointless Russian rhetoric and actions, that may not be the case any longer.

Syrian children try to stay warm near an open fire in front of their unheated tents in a refugee camp in the town of Harmanli, Bulgaria, Thursday, Nov. 21, 2013. Thousands of Syrian and other refugees from the Middle East, Asia and Africa, who find enough courage to make a dangerous journey from their war-ravaged states, often end up in the crammed settlements in the Balkans, including Bulgaria, Greece or Serbia, after being caught on the borders of wealthy Western European nations for attempting to cross illegally. (AP Photo/Valentina Petrova)

The real victims of the ISIS and Syrian crisis languish as Putin seems to egg on war with the U.S.

With Flynn having been pushed off of the stage due to leftwing hatred and Priebus incompetence, Trump has selected General McMaster to replace him. Putin has done everything in his power to get the attention of the American Eagle, so to speak, and it appears as if he has done so. Trump’s newest choice has said that Russia is “a hostile revisionist power that annexes territory, intimidate our allies, develops nuclear weapons and uses proxies under cover of modernized conventional militaries.”


What possible good can come of Russian planes buzzing United States warships(pictured) with fighter planes?

There is both great truth and half-truth in this statement, for while Russia is developing nuclear weapons (the LAST thing that the world needs), while they also use proxies, the annexing of Crimea was voted on. The people of Crimea made the willful choice to become part of Russia once again, so in that instance, Putin was not the guilty party. The broader point here, however, is that McMaster has a much more hardened and grizzled mindset when it comes to the Bear, something that Putin has only himself to blame for. The path of least resistance was open for him and he chose to sneer at it rather than travel it.

Many in the media are wrongfully accusing Trump of backtracking on this promises to Russia, but this is nothing but typical media spin with no merit or basis in fact. Trump has not backtracked or changed his mind on how to deal with Russia, the actions and words of Putin have backtracked and changed his mind, which is entirely different. If it were just the issue of a garden variety waffling politician, who would bat even an eye?

Trump, however, is a promise keeper, so for his stance and approach to Russia to shift is a sign of prudent leadership. Unfortunately, this is a sign that the writing on the wall seems to be more like curse words on a bathroom stall than the words of a peace treaty. It may be that Donald Trump is very much like Ronald Reagan, but grimly, Putin is nothing like Gorbachev.

Things are pretty dire right now, but things have been worse in the past, though not much worse. America has seen times where war seemed inevitable, but that does not mean that the times that we are living in now are any less dangerous. If Putin seems against talking, if he persists in his wrong-minded approach to diplomacy and polite, political decorum, then such a man can be rightfully thought of as a threat to world peace. Trump had wanted to fight back to back with Putin as ISIS was put into the pork waste dump of history, but Putin instead wants to engage and antagonize a U.S. president offering peace.


If things are looking soured for Putin (pictured), he has largely only himself to blame. Treating Trump like Obama could be a grave Russian error that we all pay for.

One of the saddest aspects of this that no one ever has or will report on is what this must seem like to Syria. Those in ISIS controlled lands that are seeing the two big boys in the sandbox, the United States and Russia, having a row with each other like it was 1982. Meanwhile, the promised safe zone is not getting done, which was a Trump goal set quite early on to stop violence and save the EU/USA from refugee threats and unassimilated cultural concerns. Why is this not happening? It is not happening because it seems much more important for Putin to provoke the United States and get rockstar-like kudos from the voters of Russia than it is to actually apply the Christian Russian Orthodox principles that Putin is said to have and really save innocent lives.

To that end, Putin is nothing but a typical, strutting “hotshot” trying to look cool or “hard” in the classroom or the mall. The only difference is that Putin is strutting for his nation. As his peacock feathers unfurl, untold numbers of innocents are being butchered in Syria, many of them the original Christians who took the Gospel (and by extension Russian culture) northward. Trump has offered a peace solution, and there is still time for it to be, but suffice to say that if Putin declines the olive branch, he will quickly find that it can be used also as a beating stick.