PUBLISHED: 8:37 PM 11 May 2017
UPDATED: 11:15 PM 11 May 2017

Gas Pump Gundown, Self-Defense Footage Shows Brutal Confrontation As Man Downed

Two people engage in a gas station shootout (pictured above).

Two people engage in a gas station shootout (pictured above).

Two people engage in a gas station shootout (pictured above).

Many liberals support policies that infringe on the Second Amendment rights of others. This is because they believe that the best way to reduce gun violence is with more restrictive gun laws. However, they don’t seem to understand that most criminals don’t actually acquire their weapons lawfully. Strict guns laws really just make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to effectively protect themselves. We need firearms to stop dangerous people.

Just recently, a gunman approached a car at a gas station in broad daylight and attempted to take advantage of a couple pumping gas. Thankfully, the driver of the vehicle was also armed. When the dangerous criminal pointed his gun at the passenger and tried to enter the vehicle, the driver opened fire, striking the thug multiple times. The wounded gunman fled the scene and died from the gunshots a short time later.

According to high-definition video surveillance, the aggressor, Ronald Morales, exited the convenience store in Chicago around 5 PM and approached two people sitting in a vehicle. As he walked toward the car, he pulled out a handgun and pointed it at the passenger. He then tried to get into the vehicle but the passenger managed to keep him out.

The driver used the momentary struggle as an opportunity to get out of the car and draw his own weapon. He took aim and fired, striking the gunman several times. Morales tried to return fire but missed every shot. He escaped, but his injuries were proved to be too significant. Since the driver was a licensed owner and acted in self-defense, he won’t be facing any charges.

There are countless stories similar to this one. Just recently, a man with a concealed weapon saved countless lives at a restaurant in Texas by killing a deranged criminal who stormed in and murdered the restaurant’s manager. And earlier this year, an employee with a gun stopped an armed robber’s attempt to steal from a convenience store.

Not only do guns help people defend themselves more effectively in public, it gives them additional protection while at home. If an intruder tries to break in and harm the people inside, a gun owning resident can use their weapon to stop them. For example, In Oklahoma, three armed burglars were shot and killed by a homeowner’s AR-15. And in Las Vegas, a thug with a gun broke into a house and tried attacked the people inside. Fortunately, one of the residents had a gun and managed to stop him from doing any harm.

Despite stories like this, many authoritarian liberals want to roll back gun rights. They believe that it’s bad for society to let law-abiding citizens own firearms. However, without guns, people are at the mercy of criminals. If the driver in this situation wasn’t armed, the situation would’ve likely been much more tragic. Morales could’ve shot and killed both of them, taken their car, and continued murdering.

Fortunately, many Republicans understand how important gun rights are. In Iowa, Terry Branstad (R) recently signed a bill broadening the protections for gun owners. The legislation makes it possible to sue local governments over unconstitutional gun-free zones. On top of that, it allows Iowans to “use force, including deadly force” to stop someone else from using force or stealth to unlawfully enter their “dwelling, place of business or employment or vehicle.”  

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad (R).

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad (R).

Unsurprisingly, the law received a massive amount of praise from the National Rifle Association. Jennifer Baker, a National Rifle Association (NRA) spokeswoman, stated, “this important legislation will make it easier for law-abiding gun owners to protect and defend themselves while bringing Iowa’s gun law in line with those of other states.” She added, “the reforms of HF 517 are part of a growing movement across all 50 states to strengthen Second Amendment rights and its enactment will be a significant victory for our members and law-abiding gun owners.” By saying this, Baker is calling on other lawmakers to pass similar gun legislation. If they care about the most vulnerable in our society, they should listen.

The authoritarian left is determined to prohibit the lawful owning of firearms. They must not succeed. If they do, it’ll be much easier for criminals to take advantage of others. Republicans should push back by passing broad protections for gun owners nationwide.