Impeachment Claim Destroyed

PUBLISHED: 1:30 PM 14 Nov 2019
UPDATED: 6:39 PM 14 Nov 2019

“Game Over!” Jim Jordan Destroys Dem’s “Star Witness” In Minutes

There was no quid pro quo, and that was made clear by Bill Taylor yesterday during his testimony.

Jordan nails it! (Source: PBS Screenshot YouTube)

Yesterday, two GOP Reps. stood out during the House impeachment hearings. Both Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan illuminated the attempted coup against President Trump and Jordan especially destroyed Ambassador Bill Taylor’s testimony by getting him to admit not only that there was no ‘quid pro quo,’ but also that he had absolutely no information.

In fact, Taylor stated that he didn’t consider himself a ‘star witness’ to anything.

Twitchy compiled a number of tweets that showed the depth of the destruction:

And, “GAME. OVER.”

Watch this short clip of Rep. Jim Jordan questioning Dem star witness Amb. Taylor and getting him to admit that in his three meetings with Ukrainian President Zelensky, a quid pro quo of investigating the Bidens in exchange for releasing military aid never came up. It’s A-MA-ZING:

Ladies and gentlemen, JIM. JORDAN. GAME. OVER. #DemsGotNothing

— ForAmerica (@ForAmerica) November 13, 2019

And then he got Amb. Taylor to admit that he’s not really a “star witness” after all:

“I don’t consider myself a star witness for anything,” William Taylor says after Jim Jordan tries to poke holes in his credibility and belittling him as the Democrats’ “star witness.” #ImpeachmentHearings

— Chris Sommerfeldt (@C_Sommerfeldt) November 13, 2019

And that he’s just reported back what he heard:

Taylor: My understanding is only coming from people that I talked to.”

.@Jim_Jordan: “We got that.”

— Katherine Faulders (@KFaulders) November 13, 2019




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Watch the questioning and response below: