Dem Voter Claim Fake

PUBLISHED: 4:22 PM 1 Nov 2018

GA Democrats Falsely Claim ‘Election Fraud’

According to officials, who dropped everything to investigate, there is ‘no evidence’ that the absentee ballot claim is true.

Democrat party officials claimed voter fraud, but the evidence just doesn't add up.

In Georgia, the election is hotly contested, so when the Democrat Party screamed election fraud, claiming that thousands of absentee ballots were missing, officials dropped everything to investigate.

However, all they turned up was the fact that liberals were crying wolf.

After a careful and detailed investigation, that even led to a post office, officials found “no evidence” that any ballots were missing.

“We were just completely flabbergasted that we could have this kind of a claim,” said DeKalb County communications director Andrew Cauthen.

Cauthen spoke to reporters after the Democratic Party of Georgia claimed that as many as 4,700 DeKalb County voters never received the absentee-by-mail ballots they requested.

“We spent over a week, and a lot of man hours looking for these alleged missing absentee ballot request forms,” Cauthen said.

Cauthen explained that a small army of officials basically turned the facility upside down and interviewed all the employees.

“There is no evidence that these letters ever made it to any DeKalb County facility,” Cauthen said. “We went to the post office, interviewed the postmaster. We studied their processes.”

County officials even questioned the letter carrier at the Decatur post office who delivers to the elections office and asked the postmaster to review electronic data, because the democrats claimed that the delivery scans were proof of the missing ballots.

“They are not. We showed this data to the postmaster, the local postmaster and she said that it does not show that it was ever delivered anywhere. I mean, that’s not what the data is designed to do,” Cauthen explained.

Despite the media’s repeated requests to help ‘expose’ any election fraud, especially if it makes republicans look bad, the democrat party has not provided a single shred of proof to back up the accusation.

“As far as we know, it is not a thing. I mean, unless someone can show us some more data that proves to us that we have it, we have nothing else to investigate,” Cauthen said.

The news outlet reported that “every request [the news investigator] has made over the last week to question Democratic party leaders about all this has either been turned down or ignored.”

“A spokesperson for the secretary of state’s office said the office hasn’t received any evidence to substantiate the claim either and urged anyone with information to call the office as soon as possible.”

It looks like a false flag in Georgia, where the Governor’s race is extremely contested while democrat Stacey Abrams has refused to show who donated millions to her campaign, and said her massive credit card debt was because she ‘didn’t understand how credit cards worked.’

Oprah Winfrey is heading there to help stump for the democrat candidate, and Will Ferrell also went door to door, stumping for the liberal.