Court Deals Big Blow To Fusion GPS

PUBLISHED: 4:44 PM 19 Feb 2018
UPDATED: 5:46 PM 19 Feb 2018

Fusion GPS Suffers Big Blow In Trump-Russia Dossier Lawsuit

A judge denied Fusion GPS' request to have him recused from overseeing their case.

Fusion GPS suffered a big blow in an early dossier battle.

A federal judge appointed by President Donald Trump issued a slamming ruling after Fusion GPS attempted to have him recused from overhearing a lawsuit regarding the discredited Steele dossier.

Fusion GPS attempted to have Trevor McFadden recused as part of their attempt to stall a subpoena issued by Russian technology mogul Aleksej Gubarev.

Gubarev is suing BuzzFeed for publishing the dossier in Dec. 2016, claiming the liberal website circulated inaccurate information that claimed his technology firms played a roll in helping Russia meddle in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Gubarev is also suing BuzzFeed to obtain copies of all documents and depositions from Fusion GPS, which will offer more insight into the dossier and other erroneous claims it may contain.

Fusion GPS, the left-wing research firm that hired former British spy Christopher Steele to compile the dossier, was closely aligned with the Democratic National Committee and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the DNC gave Fusion GPS more than $9 million to fund Steele’s efforts to compile the anti-Trump hit piece.

Fusion GPS argues McFadden is incapable of overseeing the case because he was appointed by Trump.

McFadden not only called their argument for his recusal “factually misinformed and legally unpersuasive,” he made it clear he didn’t appreciate the firm questioning his ability to oversee the case.

“I did not come into contact with Mr. Trump or any of the senior members of his campaign team. In fact, I do not know the President and have not met him in any capacity,” McFadden said in his ruling.

Fusion GPS has tried to keep banking records and their connections to Clinton and Democrats concealed, but court hearings and congressional investigations have forced the research firm to comply with federal law.

McFadden not only made it clear he was going to remain on the case, but he has ordered that the proceedings move forward in a more expeditious manner.

Democrats are doing everything they can to conceal the dossier, and that raises serious questions about what they are trying to hide from the American public.

Source: The Western Journal