PUBLISHED: 4:53 PM 9 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 7:04 PM 9 Jan 2018

JUST IN: Fusion Demands Judge Step Down, Cites Volunteer Act As Straws Grasped

Buzzfeed's CEO (pictured) and others opposed to Mr. Trump are now crying foul as their tactics seem to be used against them.

Buzzfeed’s CEO (pictured) and others opposed to Mr. Trump are now crying foul as their tactics seem to be used against them.

Nothing is more amusing to watch than when those who have most biased against President Donald Trump fear that they may have to face the same kind of one-sided unfairness that they have delivered to him. The F.B.I. has had people like Peter Strzok who have openly detested the U.S. leader working as part of the investigation into him. Strzok only got fired once it became publically known of his stances, otherwise, he would still be there.

God alone knows how many similar jackals are still involved with no one being aware of it, but since Special Council Robert Mueller is still looking into matters which have already been proven false, it seems as if the number is quite large. Now Fusion GPS, the opposition group that helped craft the fake news dossier that is being used in Trump’s witch hunt of an investigation, “said in a court filing Monday that the judge presiding over a defamation case involving the firm should recuse himself because” he was part of Trump’s transition team, according to the Business Insider.

As every biased and left-leaning zealot is invited to attack Trump, investigate Trump, and dampen the otherwise highly successful progress of Trump, one judge who helped America’s leader ever so briefly is called into question. Isn’t that rich?

Trump has been slandered, smeared, and lied about. Now those who’ve conducted it are crying foul.

The real reason that Fusion GPS dislikes this judge has nothing to do with these concerns, in reality. It is clear to see that Judge McFadden is exposing the truth and since the DNC, who worked in tandem with GPS, is corrupted and dishonest, they can not want the truth of Trump’s innocence getting out. That is what is disliked by the folks at Fusion GPS.

The plaintiffs are Aleksej Gubarev, XBT Holdings, and Webzilla, and they have “issued a subpoena to Fusion for a deposition and documents related to its involvement with the Trump-Russia dossier.” This is the mockery of writing compiled in part by an ex-Britsh spy who was paid a fortune from Democrats for the baseless screed.

Fusion was the subject of a request by Senator Grassley that the Department of Justice investigate Fusion’s compliance with the Foreign Agents Registration Act,” according to their lawyers.

Clinton (pictured) and her team had a role in this DNC lie, too.

Judge McFadden “should recuse himself because he volunteered as a ‘vetter’ for Trump’s transition team,” they say. These are same people who saw no problem with stacking the deck with every Trump-hating joker that could be found in Washington!

The attorneys also say that Trump “began making public statements expressing his animosity toward Fusion GPS and its work relating to the Trump Dossier during the transition.” Well since Fusion GPS lied about the White House, why should President Trump have not shown “animosity” towards them? That has nothing to do with the judges’ fairness.

Since when does hearing someone complain count as a reason for recusal? Even Attorney General Jeff Sessions came up with a better excuse than that, thin and flimsy though it was.

Judge McFadden (pictured) is being called unfair by the very people who have been the most unfair of all.

Trump is said to have called the documents that Fusion produced “a complete and total fabrication.” Well, since they seem to be just that, there is little reason to hide the fact. More importantly, this still does not prove that the judge is unfair or biased. Trump said these things, not Judge McFadden, after all.

As time goes on, this is all going to unravel terribly for the Democrats, the DNC, Fusion GPS, and ex-spook Christopher Steele. They created a fake story against a man who did nothing wrong nor out of place. As such, America is going to see them exposed just they should be.

However, they seem willing to drag out this conclusion for as long as possible.

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