Nazi State Test

PUBLISHED: 7:03 PM 28 May 2021

Full Global State Push: Spain, Greece Testing Health ‘Certificate’ for Travel

In other words, your state sanctioned papers… just like a full Nazi state.

God help us. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Greece and Spain have agreed to test the EU’s ‘digital green certificate,’ which allows you to travel based on COVID status.

Breaking the News reported:

Greece and Spain expressed on Friday their readiness to test the European Union’s Digital Green Certificate, a quick response (QR) code that will show a traveler’s health status concerning COVID-19, before their wider launch in the rest of the bloc on July 1.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis stated at the presentation of the document that it is “very, very simple. Essentially, it includes all the information that a member-state would need to welcome a traveler without imposing additional restrictions.” At the same event, European Council President Charles Michel hailed the certificate as a “great European success.”

On a separate occasion, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said his country will also follow Greece’s example, saying that “this will be decisive in getting the certificate ready before summer begins and is big news for our tourism industry.”