PUBLISHED: 12:51 AM 17 Jan 2018

French President Makes Migrant Oath, Brexit And “Jungle” Vow Please No One Amid Crisis

Bryan Zormeier by

President of France Emmanuel Macron does not wish to see a repeat of the infamous Calais Jungle Camp.

President of France Emmanuel Macron does not wish to see a repeat of the infamous Calais Jungle Camp.

Emmanuel Macron, President of France, has promised solutions for the port city of Calais. Declaring the residents will not experience a return to the jungle, Macron addressed the northern region of France on Tuesday.

In the face of coming talks with Britain’s Prime Minister, Theresa May, Macron told the community he understood the worries Brexit presents. With a promise to stem the flow of migrants, Macron hopes to address the concerns of the security forces who have experienced the extreme conditions within the camps of Calais.

To ensure the enforcement of a “fair” immigration system, President Macron also promised to bolster police resources to better prepare law enforcement for a new wave of refugees. Referring to the festering conditions of the Jungle Camp which housed 8,000 refugees, the president is confident in security forces to prevent another catastrophe. Living in foul conditions, many occupants were becoming ill, and those who were not sick were starting fights.

French authorities had to bulldoze the makeshift waystation in 2016, sending the residents of the camp to a dozen other similar facilities around the country. Although dispersed, a new congregation has amassed around the Hauts-de-France region. One of the poorest communities of France, the northern region has been hit hardest by the migrant crisis.

Migrants attempting to get to England are to blame for the massive influx of the area. According to the 2003 Le Touquet accord, Britain has an official border in the port of city Calais. The French have a security checkpoint on the British end of the Channel tunnel.

Riots would break out in the Calais Jungle Camp every other week setting portions of the camp on fire. Other areas were set up on swampy marshlands incubating disease.

The accord is one topic sure to rise during the meeting with Theresa May on Thursday. Britain has requested in the past, a French need to increase the security measures on the Chunnel, stemming from the increase in illegal crossings and illicit paraphernalia. Macron has made assertions that he will push Britain to increase resources to help stop the flow of migrants.

British legislatures point to the amount they already provide to security and infrastructure for the port crossing. The region surrounding Calais has seen a great economic boon since the tunnel opened. With one of the highest unemployment rates in France, the people of Calais are worried about the benefits from close relations with Britain.

There are fears Britain’s exit from the European Union could bring tighter borders and result in less jobs for the port community. Current legislation will withdraw Britain from the European trade agreement in March of 2019.

Reassuring business leaders and industry stake holders, the president announced he would keep the region in mind when he meets with Prime Minister May. Macron is expected to pass tighter immigration policies in the first quarter of 2018.

Asylum applications reached 100,000 in 2017, the highest number yet recorded. While right wing legislatures have been elected to the regions most affected by migration, refugee advocate groups are criticizing the French president for taking an extreme stance on the migrant crisis.

The La Chapelle migrant camp has spread throughout the city. Leaving residents to sleep on porches and street corners, government officials wearing nuclear hazmat suits cleared one encampment.

Macron has defended the alleged police brutality against the migrants. Saying the actions taken inside the camps were justified or the claims have been falsified. Macron made sure in no uncertain terms that he does not condone police violence or excessive force, but he will not see another Jungle Camp.

 The Jungle Camp and other refugee settlements are seen as public health hazards by local residents. Forced to bury or burn some settlements, government workers tasked with the breakdown of certain camps are restricted to hazard suits.

The settlements are comprised of thousands of people from countries stretching from the Ivory Coast to Afghanistan. Migrants have flooded Europe and, in an attempt to get the best benefits possible, many are heading for the United Kingdom.

London has ramped down their intake of refugees leaving many migrants in limbo as they try to cross the English Channel. The mass exodus of Muslims into Britain has resulted numerous bloody attacks. Ranging from trucks running people over on the London Bridge to explosions at preteen pop concerts, the English people have said enough and are standing strong on their immigration policies despite the conditions being created 20 miles away.

President Donald Trump and his administration have spent the last week debating our own national security. Secretary Nielson announced the president’s merit-based immigration plans are the most important agenda in the discussion of immigration, next to a border wall.