PUBLISHED: 9:12 PM 17 May 2017

“Freeloaders” Of America: California Gov. Brown Makes Shocking Statement After Taxpayers’ Demand

California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) calls taxpayers "freeloaders" (pictured above).

California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) calls taxpayers "freeloaders" (pictured above).

California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) calls taxpayers “freeloaders” (pictured above).

Even though it’s been over 100 days since President Donald Trump was officially sworn in, many liberals still refuse to admit why he won. Not only was he exceptional, but his opponent, Hillary Clinton, was one of the worst candidates to ever run for President. During the 2016 election, she made a plethora of bad decisions. One of her biggest mistakes was calling all Trump supporters “deplorables.” By personally attacking an entire group of people in this way, she destroyed her chances with swing voters.

California Governor Jerry Brown (D) recently made a similar “deplorables” comment. Earlier this year, California lawmakers burdened their constituents with a major $52 billion tax increase, sparking outrage. Instead of addressing the actual concerns of the taxpayers, he decided to simply call them “freeloaders.”

While giving a speech in Orange County, Brown attacked those opposed to his state’s tax hike. “The freeloaders — I’ve had enough of them,” he claimed, referring to opponents of the bill. “They have a president that doesn’t tell the truth and they’re following suit,” he continued, noting, “roads require money to fix.” By saying this, he’s suggesting that without the tax increase, our roads will become unusable. He added, “Republicans say there’s a magic source of money — it doesn’t exist. … You want to borrow money and pay double? Or do nothing? Or take money from universities?”

California Gov. Jerry Brown (D).

California Gov. Jerry Brown (D).

The tax hike that he’s referring to was passed earlier this year. Despite the fact that California already has one of the highest gas taxes in the nation, the increase adds an extra 12 cents. What’s worse, it increases car registration fees by an average of $50 per car. However, since that’s only an average, some residents are expected to see increases of close to $180.

Brown’s ungrateful comments are absolutely absurd. Taxpayers are the opposite of freeloaders. On the contrary, they’re the ones that are having their money taken from them to support actual freeloaders. In addition, California can take care of its roads just fine without a tax increase. They just need to do a better job managing the money they already get.

For example, Brown’s most recent budget proposal includes additional funding to the state’s Attorney General (AG) Xavier Becerra. Specifically, he’s set asides thousands of dollars to pay for an additional 19 attorneys and 12 aides tasked with filing lawsuits against the Trump administration. Instead of giving money to liberal obstructionists, that money could be going towards improving California’s infrastructure.

California Governor Jerry Brown (R) and state Attorney General (AG) Xavier Becerra (pictured above).

California Governor Jerry Brown (D) and state Attorney General (AG) Xavier Becerra (pictured above).

Brown’s budget proposal also includes $15 million to help undocumented immigrants fight their deportation cases. The money would be used “to further expand the availability of legal services for people seeking… [a] ‘deportation defense.’” This means that instead of using tax dollars for other things, like roads or social services, they’re using it to help people stay in the country.

However, helping them stay is extremely dangerous. There have been countless attacks perpetrated by people who should not have been in this country in the first place. While it may be true that not all undocumented people are violent, the ones that are aggressive ruin it for everyone else. It’s simply not worth the risk. If they were never here, to begin with, innocent people would still be alive.

Further, former Obama-era AG Eric Holder was recently hired by the California government to resist Trump’s agenda. They’re reportedly paying his law firm $25,000 a month to essentially obstruct everything our president tries to do. This is because they know that if he is allowed to run the country his way, he will do such a good job that liberals will never be voted into office again. However, once again, instead of giving the money to Holder, Brown should instead use this money to address the state’s issues.

Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

Former U.S. AG Eric Holder.

Conservatives in California need to stand up to their liberal state’s outrageous tax increases. The left tries to justify the tax increase by saying they need more money to take care of the state. However, the state gets plenty of money. They just waste it. Before they ask for more money, they first need to figure out how to better spend the money the federal government currently give them. Also, anyone who supports wasting tax dollars needs to be voted out of office.