Culture Wars: Seduction Or Harassment

PUBLISHED: 5:14 PM 1 Feb 2018

France Struggles With Thin Line Between Seduction And Harassment

This absolutely comes down to a cultural belief.

Feminist rhetoric will never supplant the art of seduction and courtship.

France is having difficulty defining the difference between seduction and sexual harassment. The issue is certainly cultural and the timing conveniently coincides with the Weinstein Hollywood scandals, which created the #MeToo movement.

Radical feminists claim that they want to overturn the patriarchy, but are not protesting female oppression in countries controlled by Islam. Their actions are only creating unrest in the western world. Instead, they shame males for the traditional courtship practices between men and women.

The French identity of romance and lovers is in danger from out of control political correctness. Now, French designers dress their male models as dogs and pigs. This new trend in anti-hetero male sentiment seems orchestrated and is blatant sexism.

Sex is too powerful to oppress with shame or fear. There is a difference between seduction and predatory behavior. Some feminists want to eliminate all advances from the male sex, calling it harassment. However, that is wrong. Harassment requires some amount of persistence beyond an initial rejection, and so does seduction.

Pretty girls in MAGA hats next to far-out riot girl liberal feminist types are funny memes because they play on this very idea. Women will continue to seek out masculine males and will desire to conform to complementary gender roles.

The game of seduction may evolve in response to this sort of programming, but it might not be what progressives hope it will be.

Beauty and heterosexuality are at no real risk of subversion. It is alright to be a handsome man who is willing to put himself out there and approach a woman he is attracted to. Women who are interested in receiving this type of attention are pretty easy to spot.

Studies show that conservative politicians are better looking and get more votes. The results of computer analysis and social research were attributed to “monetary advantages and general privilege” that goes along with being good-looking.

Research conducted at UCLA found that Republican female politicians are more feminine. Psychology scholars and professors suggest that facial correlations to a woman’s party affiliation stem from perceived gender roles. Or maybe positivity just shows on the face, with smiles and bright eyes.

It is possible that the French lover culture is having an identity crisis? The influx of Islam may have something to do with the more strict interpretations of male seduction as harassment. Muslim women are not allowed to speak to just any man, professional or otherwise.

Orthodox Muslim women are cloaked and taught that public displays of any sort of sexuality or courting are strictly forbidden.

Sometimes men can be too forward, ignoring polite rejections. It might be nice to have a social standard where no creepy man ever slips in a wet kiss on the cheek under the guise of just saying hello, but the liberated American woman will never give up her right to dress, act and respond however she wants.

The real question is do these men understand it is unwanted. It is most likely that they do.

The case of Weinstein has brought attention to the problem of sexual harassment that is more destructive when it is supported by money and power. The women who accuse him believe that his lawyers, company board and friends all knew he was a predator.

The garish liberal protester behavior is repulsive to those with masculine traditional gender expressions. Women will still be able to signal when seduction is possible.

The art of seduction is affected more by online dating than from political ideology that has been around for decades. Research has suggested that the single person is now dating an average of six people at a time. Dating apps like Bumble require the female to make the first move. To a masculine man, this can feel awkward as he tries to take on the role of leader and provider.

Social protocol and the masculine hunter energy are becoming obscured by the fast pace of the information age. We cannot let seduction become a relic of the past. Catfishing, ghosting and submarining present more of an obstacle to romance.