France Implements Fines

PUBLISHED: 2:10 PM 22 Mar 2018

France Develops Plan For Rising Assault Problem, Instant Fines And Extended Reporting

Since the influx of refugees, the problem has exploded.

President of France, Macron is enthusiastic about the new measures to police offensive language.

France’s lawmakers have been convening and trying to find a fix to the growing rape culture in the country. Hoping not to regress culturally, France is set to lower the age of consent to 15 and create “on the spot” fines as a solution to street harassment.

As France continues to battle the crime wave that has gripped most of Europe, French President Emmanuel Macron has started suggesting new measures to retake control. Creating new measures to deter rape, Macron declared the proposal will make sure that women no longer feel scared to venture outside.

By extending the deadline to report sexual assault, French authorities have declared that no victim will be turned away. In a means to immediately remove the most derelict of attackers, the French have started to impose on the spot fines.

Protecting French citizens from heinous crimes, authorities have decided the violent young men who roam the countryside can no longer be tolerated.

Pending the approval of parliament, the legislation will give underage victims of rape over 30 years to report the crime. The age of consent in France is 15 and victims will be able to report the crime until they are age 48.

The legislation is daring enough to declare the age of consent will only be viable for willing partners no older than 18. People over the age of 18 will not be allowed to have a relationship with a 15-year-old.

The law will be able to protect minors, people under the age of 18, from assailants while still respecting the long-held rights of young people. French Minister of Gender Equality Minister, Marlene Schiappa, believes the new restrictions will make it easier to prosecute the vilest of offenders.

The hotly contested piece of legislation has been much debated over the past few months. French lawmakers have drawn particular issue with fining people on the street.

Looking to impose immediate fines, offenders would be forced to pay between 90 and 750 euros ($110-$920). Fines could double for instances involving aggravated assault and get as high as 3,000 euros for repeat offenders.

Schiappa told news reporters the government will not permit the continued assault and intimidation of women in public spaces. Taking the fight to transportation and internet communities, the government will impose their authority wherever possible.

The policy is said to be supported by much of the French people. The citizens of France have been on the front lines of an encroaching sharia horde.

Critics of the new legislation site the death of romance and the end of the French lover. Saying street harassment is part of the attraction of Paris, actress Catherine Deneuve suggested she likes the catcalls from passersby on the street.

Schiappa declared the new bill goes farther to preserve French romance than any recent cultural icon. The proposal will preserve chivalry and improve seduction keeping in line with the, “l’amour à la francaise.”

The Minister of Gender Equality declared that talking will still be talking while romancing and wooing will still be cajoling, but when someone says no, Schiappa remarked, the conversation ends.

Streets harassment is being viewed as pestering someone who is clearly not interested or borderline stalking.

Included in the legislation being considered is a clause that will bring harsher punishments for online harassments. Schiappa believes there will be consequences for sending a couple of tweets just like there would be for verbally assaulting a young lady.

The ignorant and culturally abrasive migrants have landed in France by the boatload. Unable to assimilate into the society or compete in the overcrowded workforce, many immigrants have found their new homes in the streets of French urban centers.

Coming from the plains of Tunisia and the forests of Niger, many immigrants are bringing violent xenophobic cultures into the dark alleys of France. On the spot fines have generally been used to target foreigners in the western European nation.

The new retinue of on the spot fines will look to curb the growing vitriol being espoused by the new residents of France. Penalties for not being able to pay on the spot fines include more fines and possible detainment.

Creating real consequences for the people who harass the welfare stations as well as the people who bully their peers online, the French authorities are slowly taking back their country. Showing support for the international #MeToo movement, the French government has also sent a sign that they will no longer kneel to the whims of foreign invaders.