PUBLISHED: 6:22 PM 10 Nov 2017
UPDATED: 9:27 PM 10 Nov 2017

WATCH: Fox Show Reminds America Of Obama Horrors As Trump Trip Discussed

It is clear that Obama was really China's dream president.

It is clear that Obama was really China's dream president.

It is clear that Obama was really China’s dream president.

Laura Ingraham was a powerhouse as a radio host. Now that she moved to a television format, she is even stronger and more forceful when exposing the facts than ever before. Her style shines because she is able to make truths that some wish to not accept so very vivid that they have no choice.

The Gateway Pundit writes that President Trump has been visiting Asia and has been doing a splendid job of representing America during these trying times, but the MSM is all but silent on the matter. Some networks are even boldly lying about what is happening during the meeting(s).

Instead of being honest about the superb job that Trump is doing, MSNBC has accused the White House of “kowtowing” in order to secure a solid deal with China in regards to North Korea. Keep in mind, when Obama bowed before them and made a fool of himself, this was not called “kowtowing” in any way by the devious network.

Ingraham exposes how leftist rag Slate headlined, “Weak and Clueless: Trump is the American President of Chinese Dreams.” That means that, according to Slate, China wants to see the White House end NAFTA, help the U.S. by demanding fairer trade agreements, and basically enjoy seeing their form of communism rejected by the Commander in Chief. These are all things that Trump stands for, after all.

In the real world, it was Obama who was the dream that came true for the Chinese. Under his weak leadership, the U.S. trade deficit climbed like an insidious beanstalk, America’s tech and new ideas were taken, and China has constructed man-made islands that they have armed in commerce lanes.

They have even tried to take over the South China Sea, an act that goes against all of their trade deals.

Obama did not stand for America, but rather, bowed.

Obama did not stand for America, but rather, bowed.

The host shows that under Obama, the economy in China soared like an eagle while the U.S. festered. There was a massive increase in the Asian nation’s military spending too, much of which came from American dollars since we have allowed them to make everything that we use.

All the while, human rights abuses only worsened as the communist nation bragged about basically hushing the debate on the topic. These are NOT things that Trump is allowing to happen, so how is he China’s dream leader? It makes NO SENSE!

We have got to understand that there is a difference between liking Trump and lying about the man. Maybe some people do not support the precepts and goals of the White House and that is perfectly acceptable.

Compare and contrast.

Compare and contrast.

What is not acceptable is lying about the man who is working to bring jobs back from China, end NAFTA which is killing our economy, and who is trying to build alliances that will defeat North Korea without any bombs flying.

In these, he should be supported in all ways, even among those who may wish that a different man or woman was in office.

Source: The Gateway Pundit