PUBLISHED: 10:39 PM 7 Nov 2016

FOX NEWS: Hillary Hired Al-Qaeda Mercenaries For The Night Of Benghazi Attack

Will She Ever Be Held Accountable For Her Actions?

Will She Ever Be Held Accountable For Her Actions?

Will She Ever Be Held Accountable For Her Actions?

Hillary Clinton is a treasonous snake that left our brave American men and women in Benghazi to die on September 11, 2012.

It takes a sick, vile, and disgusting piece of scum to leave Americans to die in a terrorist attack, but Hillary Clinton did just that. How can someone fight to be our Commander-in-Chief when they deliberately left Americans to die without feeling an ounce of remorse?

The situation is horrible and sad; but thankfully, WikiLeaks has provided the American people with thousands of emails proving that Hillary has been lying about everything for years.

It is now being reported by Fox News in a bombshell revelation that Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, personally hired al Qaeda terrorists to protect U.S diplomats in Benghazi months prior to the attack that led to the death of four Americans.

Another Hillary Lie Exposed

Another Hillary Lie Exposed

Members of the Wales-based Blue Mountain Group have spoken out about this after many have raised serious questions about how these terrorists were funded, received their weapons, and knew where to specifically attack.

One of the sources indicated that Blue Mountain used local ads in newspapers to assemble a team to protect Americans and our Ambassadors. The ad led to 20 Muslims being hired, many of which had ties to terrorism, and cost $9,200,000.

“The guards who were hired were locals who were part of the Ansar al-Sharia and Al Qaeda groups operating in Benghazi,” the source added.

“Whoever approved contracts at the State Department hired Blue Mountain Group and then allowed Blue Mountain Group to hire local Libyans who were not vetted.”

“Many of the local Libyans who attacked the consulate on the night of Sept. 11, 2012, were the actual  guards that the State Department under Hillary Clinton hired to protect the Consulate in Benghazi,” Tiegen told Fox News. “The guards were unvetted and were locals with basically no background at all in providing security. Most of them never had held a job in security in the past.”

Think about that: Hillary Clinton’s State Department literally hired the very people who, along with their jihadist allies in Benghazi, attacked Americans and killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and Sean Smith as well as CIA contractors Glen Doherty and Ty Woods.

“One of those guards hired by Blue Mountain was the younger brother of the leader of Al Qaeda of Benghazi,” Fox News reports.

As disgusting as this story is to even think about, it is even scarier to consider that we are one day away from her potentially becoming the next President of the United States. She is one day away

Hillary Clinton is a coward and a traitor who will let Americans die for her own greed and lust for power. It would be a slap in the face to every man and woman who served this country if she is elected president.

She hired the terrorists to “protect” and “watch over” our compound, she knew an attack was coming months in advance, she never adequately supplied our men and women when they put in requests hundreds of times, and she left them all to die. She put more effort into blaming the situation on a video than to actually saving out men and women stranded.

This is call treason. Hillary Clinton deserves an orange jumpsuit, not a seat in the Oval Office.

On November 8th, vote like your life depends on it, because it does when we are talking about Hillary Clinton.