DC COP Suicide

PUBLISHED: 7:11 PM 3 Aug 2021

Fourth DC Metro Cop Who Responded to Jan 6 Dies From Suicide

Wait… what?

Something isn't right. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Something doesn’t seem right here. There are now four Metro police officers who died by suicide, who happened to be on hand and respond to the ‘riot’ on January 6.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

A FOURTH DC Metro police officer who responded to the January 6 Capitol protest has died by suicide.

Officer Kyle DeFreytag, 26, of the 5th District committed suicide in mid-July, it was revealed Monday evening.

WUSA9 reported:

Officer Kyle DeFreytag served in the city’s 5th District and was at the Capitol to enforce curfew violations, Metropolitan Police confirmed. Chief Robert J. Contee III sent a message to the police force notifying personnel of DeFreytag’s death last month.

“I am writing to share tragic news that Officer Kyle DeFreytag of the 5th District was found deceased last evening,” Contee wrote in a mid-July message to the department. “This is incredibly hard news for us all, and for those that knew him best.”

Earlier Monday it was reported 43-year-old DC Metro officer Gunther Hashida committed suicide on July 29, his family announced on GoFundMe.

“On July 29, 2021, we lost Gunther Hashida, who leaves behind a loving wife, sister, 3 children, and a wonderful family. In his work as an officer with the DC Metropolitan Police Department, he worked to serve and protect the public. He was a devoted and loving husband and father. This fund will help support his memorial service and his family in the loss of his love and guidance.” the family wrote on GoFundMe.

It is unclear how Hashida killed himself and his family is not blaming the suicide on the January 6 riot.

US Capitol Police officer Howard Liebengood committed suicide in January just days after the Capitol riot.

DC Metro police officer Jeffrey Smith killed himself in mid-January.