Gun Registration Begins

PUBLISHED: 12:29 AM 27 Feb 2018

Four States Join To Overthrow Second Amendment

This is unexpectedly coming from liberal states.

Four states are betraying the Second Amendment .

The left in America makes no sense whatsoever when it comes to the topic of President Donald Trump and how he relates to their push to ban guns. On one hand, Democrats love to say that Mr. Trump is just like Adolph Hitler (which even other Jews say that he is not), yet they march in the streets demanding that he takes their guns, just like Adolph Hitler did before he slaughtered his own people.

According to the Blaze, “New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Connecticut” have all agreed to start gun registration, the very same first step made in the Third Reich before firearms were taken by force. Once the people were foolish enough to tell the leadership what they owned, the weaponry was quite easy to take.

A “gun safety coalition” was started, though the only real safety with guns comes via education, not restriction. Blind to this, the four liberal states have disgracefully agreed to “directly share information like the names of people who have been deemed mentally unfit to own a gun, people who have a domestic violence restraining order against them and people who have a warrant out for their arrest,according to the New York Times.

This means that, while not legal, those who really care about their rights are going to buy guns and tell no one about it whatsoever. What these states are doing is not only immoral, but unconstitutional, too.

This foul agreement “will share data on how firearms are sold and ‘trafficked’ in each state ” and it will “designate universities that can further research on gun violence.” Since many of the leftist universities have already gotten the very precepts of the Second Amendment wrong since day one, this will not end well for common sense or the founding document.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said “This is a federal government that’s gone backwards on this issue. President Trump has pledged allegiance to the NRA and he’s delivered for them.” In other words, is Donald Trump won’t betray the Constitution, they shall.

This will only work to make nonviolent citizens who are not apt to break any laws if left to their own devices with no choice but to be criminals. Regardless of what whims and local ordinances may say, they do not, can not, and must not trump the law of the land.

When the hurricanes blew in last year, many local residents were shocked to find that the government wanted their guns so that they could not defend against looters. Those who did not register did not have this concern.

The way to avoid anyone having to make such choices is for those in the state who are against the destruction of our cherished Second Amendment to show up in droves against this agreement. The people of America, at least those who have ever opened a history book, can see what is happening here.

Mao did this, Stalin this, and almost every barbaric leader in history has worked to disarm the population. If this is allowed, as soon as the U.S. gets anyone in office who really wants to bring the hammer of tyranny down (and every great empire has seen such people rise to power), a gun registry will be their best friend.

This, therefore, must not be allowed to stand.

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