Biden Attacks Trump

PUBLISHED: 9:02 PM 21 Mar 2018

Former VP Attacks Trump, Saying He Would Have Beat Him Up In High School

Former VP Attacks Trump, Saying He Would Have Beat Him Up In High School

Biden (pictured) seems to think that violence is the answer.

Only in America can one of the creepiest leaders to ever serve the public lecture someone else on the treatment of the opposite sex. Former Vice President Joe Biden has made women and small girls uncomfortable just by his actions (he has never been convicted of any lewd crime), yet he wants to mount himself on a high horse and preach to President Donald Trump, as ABC News shows today.

“Uncle” Joe Biden already has delusions of grandeur about being the democrat candidate to run against Mr. Trump in 2020, so he is trying to get all of the press that he can muster. While “speaking at an anti-sexual assault rally,” he seemed to promote violence as he told University of Miami students that he would have probably “[sic] beat the hell out” of America’s leader if they had gone to school together. This would have been because he felt that Trump disrespected women.

A guy who ended up becoming our national leader said, ‘I can grab a woman anywhere and she likes it,” said Biden. He neglects to mention that Trump did say that, however, the story ended with the leader saying how he was shot down. The girl that Mr. Trump was cocky over in the locker room talk denied him. The story was a jab at himself, a fact that Biden is well aware of, and which he took out of context on purpose.

They asked me if I’d like to debate this gentleman, and I said ‘no.’ I said, ‘If we were in high school, I’d take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him,” the former V.P. disgracefully added. This sounds like the reasoning that a student used to attack another during an anti-gun rally, as reported yesterday.

Biden also stated, “I’ve been in a lot of locker rooms my whole life. I’m a pretty damn good athlete. Any guy that talked that way was usually the fattest, ugliest S.O.B. in the room.”

So, now according to America’s former second in command, beating on the fat kid is permissible, too. Perhaps 2020 will find his yard signs for the campaign featuring bloody knuckles and the slogan, “We can BEAT Trump.” At the rate that he is talking, who is to say?

A rally called “It’s on Us” was the platform that Biden used to make his distasteful and rather dangerous statements. It was billed as “an event aiming to change on-campus culture surrounding sexual assault.”

Playing psychologist was part of the former V.P.’s speech as he said, “Sexual assault is about power and the abuse of power more than it is about sex.” He said also that the ladies should “arm themselves with more resources.” In reality, if they could arm themselves with a gun, that would be far more effective in stopping rapes than a pamphlet.

It’s not just on the men. It’s on you women, as well, on campus,” he continued. “All the studies show that 95 percent of young women who are abused — the first person they tell is their roommate, their friend, someone on campus. You’ve got to inform yourself as to what facilities are available, what help is available, not just empathize, hug and say, ‘I’m so sorry.’ You have an obligation to be informed.”

While that took a lot of words to say what is common sense, when did anyone suggest anything different at the White House? One wonders how much Biden got paid to make a speech that simply rehashed what every parent has (hopefully) already told these students since they were born.

The university did not seem to mind that he really didn’t say anything with any real insight, though. They tweeted photos of the rally and said, “Today’s @itsonus rally reminded us that we are responsible for creating an environment where sexual assault and gender-based violence is unacceptable. Thank you @joebiden for bringing us your legacy of ending violence against women and empowering our students to take action.”

That too is words for word’s sake. Did the college use to have policies that encouraged “sexual assault and gender-based violence,” after all? OF COURSE NOT!

The fact is when the family unit consisting of a biological male and female married couple raising their children in a society that honored the Christian church began to diminish, so did our quality of life and human interactions.

When sex was sold (which has always been the case) and love is mocked (which has not always been the case), that also worked against the common good.

Until these simple facts are addressed with some level of seriousness by a vast majority of people, there are not many “resources” for students which are going to alter anything.