PUBLISHED: 5:55 PM 27 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 6:39 PM 27 Dec 2017

Former Texas Rep Issues Warning, Trump On “Verge” As 2020 Looms Large

Ron Paul has some words that many will not want to hear.

Ron Paul has some words that many will not want to hear.

Let us pretend that a house was made of wood and sat in a muddy swamp. Within days, this wooden structure sinks. Soon after, a far smarter man who is much better at building comes along and builds a home of gold upon the area. Even with longer stilts, however, it is still a swamp. In time, that home too shall sink, for the only solution is to not build on the rotten ground at all.

Well, our fiat money system is that rotten ground. It is designed to fail, it can only fail, and there is nothing that President Donald Trump (the wiser builder) can do to stop it as long as he works within the flawed system. The White House is doing wonderfully within the yoke of this failed system, but as retired congressman and economic expert Ron Paul warns, “a yearlong economic boom under President Trump is ‘a bit of an illusion’ and that debt, inflation, and inequality could cause turmoil that benefits a ‘hardcore nucleus’ of libertarians.

Paul and others have shown us the path out of this nightmare. Eliminating the Federal Reserve, getting rid of the I.R.S., and returning to a gold standard would solve all of these woes. Nothing, nothing, short of this will do anything but put off the inevitable.

Paul (pictured) has warned for years about the woes which will be coming to our nation due to our current fiat system.

The Texas libertarian (who, like Sanders last year, was cheated by his own party in 2012) said that if “things are really much worse” in 2020, Trump could find himself in quite a pickle as he seeks reelection.

The big opening for us is the fact that this system is coming apart. We’re on the verge of something like what happened in ‘89 when the Soviet system just collapsed,” Paul declared. “I’m just hoping our system comes apart as gracefully as the Soviet system.

The sharp man does not see the U.S. breaking into many different nations, however. He does see an end to the U.S. “empire overseas” that has cost us trillions with little to show for it.

We have ownership of these countries, but it’s not quite like the Soviets did,” Paul also said. “I think our stature in the world and our empire will end, and that’s when, hopefully, the doors will be open and [people will] say, ‘Hey, maybe these libertarians have some answers to this.”

It the U.S. wanted a sound economic future, they should have elected Paul in 2012. He would be enjoying his second term today, if we had.

Such ever-hopeful thinking is more than many people are willing to hear since the transition will be cumbersome, but it is refreshing to hear just the same.

Paul warns that “the country’s feeling a lot better, but it’s all on borrowed money.” Since fiat money is based on nothing but the power of the printing press, the prudent Republican begs us to listen as he shows us that the system that we have now is “all an illusion.”

It’s a bubble economy in many many different ways and it’s going to come unglued,” he too said.

Ron Paul also feels that the “libertarian moment” that was said to exist in 2016 has been dampened under Trump, though this is hardly true in areas outside of the economy. Still, he said, “The appearance of the libertarian movement has been set back partially because of Trump, but intellectually we’ve been doing well.”

The great libertarian was not without praise for Mr. Trump, however. He said, “Trump’s being a good cheerleader. He’s a cheerleader for Wall Street, and I keep my fingers crossed, maybe lowering some of the taxes will help, certainly lowering the regulations. But I think the problems are so deep and structural.

Paul does not like how biting Trump’s tongue is with foreign leaders, though it is often warranted, as the president’s base can attest to.

One of Ron Paul’s only faults is that he has been seen as soft on migration from terror-supporting states, a stance that he still has as he talks about his disappointment in Trump in this area.

All in all, America would have been much better off than at just about any point in its history had Ron Paul been elected president (as he rightly should have) in 2012. As it stands, we are left only with his warnings and we wonder if anyone shall heed them.

Source: The Washinton Examiner