PUBLISHED: 10:27 PM 5 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 10:57 PM 5 Jan 2018

Former Secret Service Officer Speaks Out: Clinton Escapades Caused “Traumatic Brain Injury”

This author has spilled the beans about the true cost of Mr. Clinton's affairs.

This author has spilled the beans about the true cost of Mr. Clinton’s affairs.

Many people who are not supportive of the Democrat Party are often portrayed as prudes with their noses in the air. The truth is, a great many libertarians and conservative are anything but sexually pure. They don’t judge anyone and they don’t wish to be judged, either. As such, when former President Bill Clinton was rampantly engaging in sleeping around while in the White House, the reason for the outrage was often misunderstood and appeared hypocritical.

It wasn’t, of course, since Slick Willy also lied about it. News from The Conservative Institute shows that Mr. Clinton used to sneak out of the White Hosue to have trysts with “well-known and lesser-known mistresses,” according to Gary J. Byrne, a “former Secret Service uniformed officer assigned to the Clintons.” These actions almost led to a man’s death and this is the kind of thing that proves the thoughtlessness of Bill Clinton’s actions went way beyond his sexual deeds.

Byrne confesses that “one agent suffered a serious injury during one of these trips,” a fact that many would not think could happen from some x-rated play on behalf of a world leader.

Very few people in America cared about Clinton’s sex scandal as much as they did about what it really cost. Some men paid dearly for his dishonesty.

This agent had a major role in the Monica Lewinsky scandal that led to Clinton’s impeachment. “Clinton typically ordered a small motorcade that would obey traffic regulations for his after-hours rendezvous,” admits Byrne.

Sadly, a lot of security is needed when the leader of the free world travels anywhere due to the number of people who wish to kill him or her at any given moment. Everyone from other nation’s agents to the average lunatic would love to get a chance to assassinate a sitting president, as regrettable as that is to admit.

And in one of those motorcades, an unnamed Uniform Division officer trying to keep up ran a red light and was T-boned in an intersection, suffering a traumatic brain injury,” states Byrne. The man was called only, “Reverend,” though it would have been more helpful if the full name had been given for clarity’s sake.

Those given the responsibility to protect the President are willing to die for him. What did the officers who suffered life-altering brain injuries gain from helping Mr. Clinton cheat on his wife?

It is known that “the driver and two others were injured and that the rest of Clinton’s motorcade drove on, leaving D.C. Police to clean up the mess.” Now while no car with the president sitting in it can stop and wait for first responders out in the open so that any possible ambush could happen, these little cheating runs were costing the nation a lot more than a bit of lost morality.

It is also reported that “the police did not know that Clinton was being chauffeured around Washington incognito,” so they were surely confused by what appeared to be quite a hit and run or traffic grievance. Much of this is exposed in the agent’s book, “Secrets of the Secret Service: The History and Uncertain Future of the U.S. Secret Service.

Bryne pulls no punches as he shows that the accident was caused by the “haphazard, improvised, and extremely dangerous way the motorcade was operating.

The author writes that “The tail car was T-boned by a civilian car correctly crossing the intersection at a green light. It wasn’t that Reverend’s car just missed the red light. But many of the cars in front of him had missed the light as well, and he had simply followed through.

He adds, “The car that hit him had not been stopped and waiting at the intersection; the civilian driving it had accelerated to full speed from a significant distance away. For the civilians, the light had long been green. Reverend was severely injured, as were another officer and two civilians. The convoy continued on. Metro PD was alerted, and that’s when it learned that the Secret Service had been operating throughout D.C. in such a dangerous fashion.”

Clinton said that he was sorry to his spouse, but did he ever say that he was sorry to the officer who had his brain forever damaged as result of his misuse of public roads while cheating?

The outcome was that “Reverend was hospitalized with a severe traumatic brain injury,” the book conveys. “It was significant enough that he was pulled from duty pending his recovery and even then would return only on ‘light duty’ status. In an unfortunate mix-up and evidence of the Secret Service’s horrible management

Byrne also states how this hurt the morale of the people who would have been willing to die to protect the Commander in Chief. “Word of what had happened to Reverend spread like wildfire through the Uniformed Division because any UD officer could have been in Reverend’s place. And although many would take a bullet for the president, what was the risk for?

He then asks, “Were Clinton’s sordid personal affairs worth an officer’s life? Was that the duty we had signed up for, the reason we spent so much time away from our families?

It is clear that Bill Clinton was more concerned about his sex life than he was with the lives of those charged with his protection. Furthermore, he seemed to care more about his affairs than he did about keeping nuclear trade secrets safe from China, too. This happened during that time and now WMD are aimed right at U.S. cities as a result.

We hope that it was worth it, Slick Willy, we hope that it was worth it.

Sources: The Conservative Institute – The Conservative Daily Post