Biden Fraud

PUBLISHED: 7:49 PM 20 Jan 2021
UPDATED: 7:51 PM 20 Jan 2021

Former GOP Spokesperson Blasts Fraud “No Way He Got 81 Million Votes”

Many Americans agree.

Many agree. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

At least one conservative has the guts to say what many Americans are thinking.

Conservative News Daily reported:

Liz Harrington is a former national spokesperson for the Republican National Committee.

The pro-Trump GOP official made headlines last week when she claimed on national television that the “real insurrection” happened when the president lost the 2020 election.

On Wednesday Liz spoke truth to justice during her Newsmax interview going off on the rigged election and the fake candidate, Joe Biden.

Liz Harrington: That’s what happens when you don’t have to be accountable to the voters because the voters didn’t elect him. We have more troops than people at this inauguration. We have more flags than people because this is an illegitimate person, a fake candidate who didn’t run a campaign who doesn’t actually have support. If they would have opened this up (President Trump’s speech) there would have been more people at Joint Base Andrews today for President Trump than there would be for Joe Biden because he didn’t have the support. There’s no way he got 81 million votes. It’s a fraud.

Newsmax host: Again, an opinion shared there by Liz Harrington, obviously the states certified the results. This is how you’re seeing the inauguration…

Liz Harrington: And I think an opinion shared by tens of millions of Americans.

Newsmax host: You’re not wrong…