Cook Sentenced To Prison For Sick Actions

PUBLISHED: 10:29 PM 14 Feb 2018

Former Cook Sentenced To Prison For Sick Actions At Restaurant

Cook gets seven years for putting lye in Yum Yum sauce.

A cook was sentenced to seven years for trying to poison the owner.

A former cook in Florida has been sentenced to seven years in prison for putting a fatally corrosive lye into Yum Yum sauce at the restaurant.

After tasting the Yum Yum sauce and immediately feeling a sharp burn in his mouth, the owner of the Hibachi Express franchise analyzed the surveillance video to see if any malicious activity had occurred.

After viewing the video, the owner called the Lakeland Police Department to immediately view what he saw.

Police said the video showed Margarito Padilla accessing a bottle of poisonous drain cleaner and walking over to where the Yum Yum sauce was kept in the kitchen.

The 54-year-old former cook was arrested in June 2017.

After initially denying any wrongdoing, Padilla admitted to putting the corrosive substance into the sauce because he claimed he was frustrated with working conditions at the restaurant.

Rather than taking any normal actions like filing a complaint or speaking with his superiors, this psychopath poisoned the sauce that could have killed several people.

Some might argue that he should be charged with attempted murder given that he clearly had sick motivations to harm the owner.

Oddly enough, prosecutors offered him a deal with a lesser sentence if he accepted their terms.

Padilla pleaded no contest to putting a deadly chemical substance into a food or drink and was given a slightly reduced prison sentence.

Many will agree that he deserves at least seven years in prison.

Padilla was not involved in a tiny infraction such as not showing up to work or being insubordinate with his superiors.

He intentionally put a corrosive lye in the Yum Yum sauce with the intent of harming his boss. He could have killed the owner and anyone else who ingested the sauce.

He deserves to rot in a prison cell for his sick actions.

Source: New York Daily News