CNN Hires Comey Assistant

PUBLISHED: 3:00 PM 7 Feb 2018

Former Comey Assistant Cries Over Attacks, Quickly Signs With CNN

He will be the network’s new legal analyst.

Campbell (pictured) was just interested in making hype, not real news.

There is enough chicanery from the mainstream media that is hard to keep up with it all. As we have often proven, when the MSM in question is CNN, the dishonesty goes up tenfold. They have been found be even federal judges to be fake news, so they hardly have a leg to stand on when the debate comes up.

In the New York Times, Josh Campbell said that he was quitting the FBI due to “relentless attacks on the bureau.” As Fox News shows us today that this must not have been the case since this claim was made only last Friday and he already has been hired by CNN on Monday!

The TV Newser unveils that Campbell is the “the network’s new law enforcement analyst. “We must remember that deals of this magnitude do not happen from Saturday to Sunday, ready and shining on Monday morning. Rather, this was something that must have been in his plans for quite some time.

CNN just took a harder turn to the left since they aim to make the “witch hunt” accusations against President Trump seem sincere, a truth seen now by everyone as Campbell was “special assistant to former FBI Director James Comey.

I am reluctantly turning in my badge and leaving an organization I love,” the former FBI man had written in his op-ed, “A small number of my current and retired colleagues have said that we should simply keep our heads down until the storm passes. I say this with the greatest respect: They are wrong.

That, as Fox opines, may be in part because they don’t have “cushy” jobs at CNN waiting for them. Then again, maybe they have too much self-respect to accept it even if one was offered to them, it is hard to say.

Also, many think that this op-ed was a publicity stunt. Had Campbell simply said that he was quitting to work at the network, not nearly as much ink would have been wasted writing about him. However, the way that he did it, it built up this great mountain of news blurbs, which was likely his intent all along.

That is because his new handlers at CNN don’t have a lot of credibility.  They are bleeding viewers and no one has any idea how to make it stop. Therefore, stunts like this are becoming the new norm.

So what can be said? We all see the obvious. This just gives us one more reason to distrust CNN.

Not that there weren’t enough already.

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