Whistleblower= Dem “Source”

PUBLISHED: 7:37 PM 10 Oct 2019

Former CIA Whistleblower Says Current Complainer Is “Anonymous Source” For House Dems

This real whistleblower was attacked by the very SAME people who are now attacking President Trump.

This person is just an operative for House democrats. (“Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Oct. 9, 2019. Fox News screenshot)

Real former CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou explained that the current whistleblower ignited the [bogus] impeachment inquiry is nothing but “an anonymous source for Democratic Staff in the House of Representatives.”

While speaking with Tucker Carlson Tonight on Wednesday, Kiriakou explained that this person isn’t even a real whistleblower.

The Daily Caller reported:

Kiriakou, who divulged that the CIA was conducting covert torture programs, spent 23 months in prison on a variety of charges and was dubbed a “CIA leaker” by much of the media. “I do not think this is a whistleblower,” Kariakou told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight Wednesday.

He told Carlson, “The same people that attacked me are attacking the president. [Former FBI Director] Robert Mueller set it up, [Former CIA Director] John Brennan petitioned Attorney General [Eric] Holder to charge me with five felonies of espionage — all of it dismissed. Ironically it was Peter Strzok who put the cuffs on me in 2012.”

Strzok was the FBI agent who was fired from the Mueller investigation because of a series of anti-Trump texts that he sent to his girlfriend.

Kiriakou told Fox that the current “so-called whistleblower” doesn’t resemble one. “A whistle-blower is anybody who brings up waste, fraud, abuse, threats to public health or safety, and they do this almost always with a great personal cost attached to it. This so-called whistleblower at the CIA is someone who is acting anonymously … By all accounts, this is an analyst who is not undercover. You can’t hide this person’s name, identity, just to save him from embarrassment or the trouble of being recognized …or something like that.”

The CIA whistleblower told Carlson that few in the media defended his actions. “Actually only Fox came to my defense … MSNBC never called me a whistleblower. They called me a ‘CIA leaker.’ It’s tough being a whistle-blower. Political lines are drawn, and that’s really where these things usually turn.”

Kiriakou said he doubts very much that the current whistleblower will spend any time in prison and cited the fact that he is well represented by a well-connected team of lawyers, one of whom, Kiriakou says, has deep connections to the CIA.

Watch the exchange below: