PUBLISHED: 5:43 PM 12 Dec 2017

BREAKING: Former CIA Chief Admits Plot Against Trump As “Deep State” War Rages

WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 13: Acting CIA Director Michael Morell walks through the Capitol to attend a meeting with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), on November 13, 2012 in Washington, DC. Morell was called on to fill in as acting CIA Director after the resignation of David Petraeus last week in the wake of the revelation of an extramarital affair. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell.

Former CIA deputy director Michael Morell gave an extremely candid interview on Monday.  Being publicly against Trump, he explains how he inspired others in the intelligence community to wage a political war against President Trump as a member of the “Deep State.”  Morell describes his actions as being a mistake.

Something not fully thought through, Morell claims leaking against and bashing a sitting president was not the greatest idea.  The ex-acting director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) communicates regret at politicizing one of the most powerful agencies in the land.

Morell was the personal agency briefer for the 43rd president.  He continued to serve under Obama until his retirement.  Shortly after, in the summer of 2016 he endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.  One of the first proponents of the Russian election meddling, Morell was given a crucial role in the swaying of the American people.

In the interview, Morell admits that he and other intelligence officers failed to fully understand the repercussions about to be thrust upon them.  He confesses there has been considerable backlash since going political in his New York Times piece titled, “I Ran the C.I.A. Now I’m Endorsing Hillary Clinton.”

Prefaced in the article are his 33 years in the CIA as well as the fact he has served under three republican presidents and three democrat presidents.  He continues in the op-ed to say that he is doing everything in his power to elect Hillary Clinton and went so far as to call then-candidate Trump a threat to national security.

Morell went so far as to suggest that Mr. Trump was an unknowing puppet to the Russian Federation.  His public face had mostly been approved by the CIA.  His activism, so soon after leaving the federal agency, was unprecedented.  Just like a sitting president has never been criticized by his predecessor, the Trump presidency has brought a level of derangement from within certain circles.

Morell has confirmed what Trump supporters have long suspected.  The deep state and the intelligence community went to war with the democratically elected president.  In an interview given with Politico, the senior intelligence officer gave a fresh perspective on the silent coup taking place.

Morell points out the negative rippling effect it has had on the president and the American people.  Reflecting on how the election treated Mr. Trump, Morell concedes the president may have felt attacked.

Former NSA director Mike Hayden along with former CIA acting director Michael Morell both came out to criticize and publicly scrutinize Donald Trump’s policies.  Something that has never been experienced, the Donald may begin to wonder what the deal is with these intelligence guys.

Implicating himself, Morell continued to elaborate how the government retirees’ endorsement of a political candidate may have worked to further confuse the presidential candidate.  After becoming the nominee for the Republican Party, the candidate is given an intelligence briefing.  Within 48 hours of his briefing, there are leaks about national security advisor Mike Flynn.

Again, candidate Trump is left to wonder how these intelligence people operate.  His perplexion was compounded when then-National Security Advisor John Brennan would publicly criticize the policy decisions of the soon to be president.

From the moment he became president elect, Donald Trump was supposed to receive daily intelligence briefings.  After a few days had passed and no one had given him a quick rundown, the media started to report on a leak stating he was refusing to take the intelligence briefings.

Morell can only assume what the President could be thinking about the intelligence community as a whole.  With no political experience, President Trump has seen the intelligence community acting completely political.  It is only natural for the president to think of them as a political machine.

Morell admits an inadvertent side effect of the war against Trump was to, incorrectly, train him how to use the CIA.  Every intelligence agency reports to a cabinet member, apart from the CIA.  The Central Intelligence Agency reports directly to the President.

Despite helping to create an atmosphere of distrust between President Trump and the intelligence community, Morell displays no signs of remorse explaining how demoralizing it is to work in the agency.  Morell however seems to be unscrupulous and without principal.  One year ago today, Morell described Russia’s hacking as the “political equivalent of 9/11.”  After inciting a second cold war with his Russian propaganda, he went on Russia Today to promote his own book.