Ambassador Found Beaten

PUBLISHED: 9:34 PM 12 Jul 2018

Former British Ambassador Brutally Beaten By Thugs

Christopher Meyer was found bloody and brutally beaten by two thugs at London's Victoria Station.

A suspect killed 3, injured more.

A 74-year-old former British ambassador to the United States was found brutally beaten and “covered in blood” after an attack at London’s Victoria Station. According to Evening Standard, Christopher Meyer was left covered in blood and badly injured after at least two thugs assaulted him on Wednesday. Of course, in liberal controlled Britain, no description of the attackers was reported.

He was admitted to the hospital with injuries to his left eye, lip, eye, head, and other parts of his body. An image of Meyer from the hospital illustrates the severity of his injuries and how he’s arguably lucky to be alive. The attack further encapsulates how London as turned into a complete jungle.

But, they just banned knives, so how should such a brutal attack take place?

(**Warning: The image below is graphic**)

The image shows Meyer in the hospital with his head covered in blood and his eye swollen so badly that it appears to be the size of a golf ball.

Police have arrested a man and woman in connection with the attack, saying the level of brutality was downright scary. Police said the attack was so violent that it appears the suspects had a specific intent to severely harm Meyer.

It’s unclear if the suspects knew Meyer or why they specifically attacked him.

The crime against Meyer, who is lucky to be alive, is just one of many violent crimes that has taken place in London, a city being overrun by crime, radical Islamic terrorists, and thugs.

As reported by Conservative Daily Post, major cities in the U.K. like London continue to impose tougher policies on Londoners rather than the radical Islamic terrorists carrying out the attacks across the city.

In other words, disarming citizens only emboldens criminals who won’t follow the law simply because Khan asks them to. This year, London violence surpassed New York City for the first time in more than 200 years.

In March, London reported 15 murders compared to 14 in New York City, New York. In February, there were 22 reported murders in London compared to 21 in New York City.

The U.K. not only has the strictest gun control laws in the world, the country is banning knives and deploying police to ensure citizens are completely disarmed.

Left-wing lawmakers in London have done everything imaginable to make people unsafe and disarm them so that they cannot defend themselves.

London has gotten so violent and out of control, former ambassadors like Meyer cannot walk the streets without being brutally assaulted, beaten, and left for dead by a group of thugs.

Meyer is undoubtedly lucky to be alive.