PUBLISHED: 9:22 PM 20 Dec 2017

Foreign Nationals Found Guilty, Courtroom Disgusted As Full Revelations EXPOSED

Both defendant plead guilty and face up to 18 months in prison and have agreed to pay $40,000 restitution to the illegal alien.

Both defendants plead guilty and face up to 18 months in prison and have agreed to pay $40,000 restitution to the illegal alien.

Illegal immigrants in America are often abused by employers who treat their labor force in ways that would cause them serious trouble if they filled the positions with Americans. In Nebraska, two foreign nationals plead guilty to one count of conspiracy and one count of alien harboring for financial gain. The foreign nationals were running a Super 8 Motel, using an illegal immigrant from India to maintain their facilities without compensation.

Vishnubhai Chaudhari, 50, and Leelabahen Chaudhari, 44, both operated the motel using the illegal alien from 2011 to 2013, forcing him to shovel snow, clean rooms and clean laundry seven days a week without compensation. The foreign nationals will be sentenced in March and their plea deal stipulates they pay the Illegal Indian national $40,000 in restitution. Upon completion of their sentence they will both be sent back to their homeland.

Illegal aliens in the United States often fall victim to employers who use their immigration status against them. Illegals are criminals, and companies can use that fact to hire cheap labor without having to provide adequate compensation, or in this case, any compensation. This cheap labor has little means for recourse because their employer knows they are subject to deportation. As long as the criminal aliens comply with unscrupulous employers, the businesses keep their immigration status to themselves.

This is the Super 8 Motel the victim was forced to work seven days a week without compensation for years.

Illegal aliens are also subject to work environments that are hostile and could not be maintained if the workforce were legal. The victim in this case was slapped around for not cleaning a bathroom properly for instance. Treating American employees in such a manner would land an employer in jail and on the wrong end of a hefty civil suit. Illegal immigrants have little option but to take the abuse if they intend to stay in the United States.

The defendants in this case levied threats against the illegal alien if he dared to leave the motel. The foreign national defendants told the illegal they would track him down if he left and there would be consequences. The illegal alien was trapped until a guest of the Super 8 Motel noticed the suspicious behavior and helped him escape.

The Motel 8 operators were reported after the illegal immigrant was removed from the facility. Department of Homeland Security’s Homeland Security Investigation (HSI) was tasked with addressing the reported abuse. Special Agent Charles Alex Khu noted, “I’m proud of the work accomplished by HSI’s special agents, our partners at the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Nebraska, and the Department of Justice, who made these guilty pleas possible.”

Acting U.S. Attorney Robert C. Stuart said, “This case is a reminder that forced labor occurs in the United States, not just overseas, and federal law targets those who profit from human trafficking and related crimes.” Stuart’s sentiment is appreciated by the American people; however, the problem is much larger than a foreign national couple running a motel (not that that isn’t a problem), and targeting specific industries could go a long way in cleaning up our workforce.

The construction industry for example, employs massive amounts of illegal immigrants. Working through college I installed Building Automation Systems, I would travel from site to site along the east coast of the United States, only staying at each one for a matter of days. Not all, but most of those I met laying tile, hanging drywall, and pouring concrete could not speak English and were paid under the table. Both are good signs they were foreign nationals who came here illegally.

The foreign nationals running the Super 8 Motel were engaged in despicable behavior, however, the illegal immigrant they victimized should be held accountable for his actions as well. Illegal immigrants are a driving force in keeping American wages stagnant. The market has been flooded with cheap foreign labor by foreign nationals who have invaded our country illegally. This market force has driven millions of Americans out of industries they would otherwise occupy.

The left often says, “Illegal immigrants do the jobs Americans won’t do.” This statement is a complete fallacy, Americans would gladly occupy any industry. A more accurate statement would be “Third world Illegal Immigrants have undercut jobs Americans used to do.” The Chaudhari’s should receive the maximum prison sentence for their crimes and their victim should be punished for invading our country illegally, after which, he too should be sent back to the land from which he hails.