PUBLISHED: 8:11 PM 17 Feb 2017
UPDATED: 9:25 PM 17 Feb 2017

Ford Breaks From Trump Promise Abruptly, Makes Announcement To Side With Mexico


Mark Fields has stabbed the American worker in the back by lying to Donald Trump about his plans to flee our jobs to Mexico.

It has been long known and even pointed by the Washington Post in 1998 that the Ford Motor Company had direct ties and gave actual support to the rising NAZI Party.  Now those who simply do not want to believe that an American icon knowingly did this simply argue that the whole WORLD was fooled by Hitler, so it can be forgiven then. This would be very true if Ford had not lied and said that they never had any ties to the NAZI’s or that they ever profited from the NAZI’s when it was shown that they had.

The point is that most of America now thinks of Ford as one of the three great American automotive companies, a company that even the most diehard Trump supporters want to succeed for the good of the economy.  However, Ford is proving once again that they are not a friend of the American worker today any more than they were the friend of the American soldier who was being shot at by ‘blitzkrieg-ing’ German Ford tanks in World War Two.

News today finds that Ford, who had promised to keep their jobs in America and not send them to Mexico, has lied.

Yahoo News has reported today that “Ford is sticking with its plan to build two new factories in Mexico, despite an announcement last month that it had scrapped plans for a plant in the central state of San Luis Potosi.

Not only will this surely infuriate the Trump administration that took them at their word, but this should also see a rising up of the people who elected Trump to put a 35 percent (the number varies) tax on ALL companies that betray the nation via outsourcing.

Ford Motors is going to employ 3,800 people and see Guanajuato making engines while Chihuahua will be making “car parts,” according to the report. The plants will cost $2.5 billion, a fact stated by Gabriel Lopez, president and CEO of Ford Mexico. The uncouth act from Ford is nothing short of a bold faced lie considering that the Ford Motor Company had made a pledge to create 700 new jobs in Michigan with $700 million to be spent in United States investment.


Ford was so knee deep in NAZI Germany that he won the Grand Cross of the German Eagle from the reviled party.

Let us for a moment reflect upon what this means. Detroit, Michigan, is a city that has fallen even more severely than Chicago. Detroit is looking at a 9.8 percent unemployment rate, down barely from almost 11 percent, with a long-term outlook of 14.8 percent. How is a city supposed to ever recover from the greed driven auto industry who caused Detroit to fall by outsourcing, to begin with, and if Ford is STILL doing the same things? The long-term outlook shows that the city of Detroit will see roughly 15 out of every 100 people not having a job, and Ford is going to spend $2.5 billion in Mexico.

Of course, it is far worse than 15 out of a 100 when it is remembered that the remaining 85 jobs are not likely all doctors and lawyers, leaving convenience store clerks, telemarketers, and other starving wage jobs in a town with no pulse. Beyond even that, for the bleeding hearts that say that this gives the average Mexican a better life (as if ours should suffer for it in the U.S.), how is working for slave wages by a greedy corporation a better life? If our outsourcing was giving them such a better life then they wouldn’t be coming over in droves to flee the nation. Not only that, but why can’t Mexico open its own plants and make its own cars?


Ford has not qualms about hurting oppressed people in Mexico any more than Ford minded doing to during World War Two.

From here America is set to see in vivid color just why they are fortunate that Donald Trump won the election, even if they pulled the crank for Clinton, Johnson, or Stein. All of them would have just turned a blind eye to what the Ford Motor Company has just done to Detroit, Michigan. Under another leader, America would have been told that it was the worker’s fault for wanting a fair wage and benefits. Somehow an auto worker wanting a decent life is immoral while giving a terrible life to the workers who toil as slaves in Mexico while CEO’s make a fortune is the picture of morality.

Where ARE the Democrats? Earth to social justice warriors, here is a headline for you to rage about; “Ford Says That It Is OK to Pay a Dumb Mexican $4.50 a Day to Make Cars For Rich White America,” because that is what just happened. It is not Donald Trump that has taken advantage of people of color who are being starved to death under a corrupt system, but Ford. Most of the problems common in Mexico via the corruption and rot within the system there that is holding the nation’s people down would come to an end by necessity and uprising if America was not funding the system of oppression with our manufacturing jobs.


DRIVING GREED is what moves FORD to spend $2.5 billon in Mexico as Detroit crumbles thanks to them.

We know for sure that Trump is a man of his word at this point, so he is not going to let this just ride and pretend that it never happened. Maybe Ford will be taxed out of the market, which is exactly what they deserve. It would be even better if the American public took notice too by not buying a Ford at any cost. Even a used Ford vehicle will see profits coming for the company in replacement parts (made in Mexico), so unless the budget demands it, buying a Ford at all should be shunned by the American people. The same voters that elected Trump and made Kelloggs wish that they had never slandered the movement can do the same to the Ford Motor Company.

It can even be argued that this is our job description as Americans. We need to stand up for America ourselves, not just hope that electing Trump was going to be all that we needed to do before returning to celebrity news. Trump gets accused of a lot of things, including errors in the execution of his ideas. Perhaps Trumps biggest flaw was to trust Ford at their word, something that used to mean something. Then again, does a company that has roots in the rise of NAZI Germany know anything about the value of a promise?