Keyser Pressured

PUBLISHED: 5:07 PM 5 Oct 2018
UPDATED: 5:16 PM 5 Oct 2018

Ford ‘Allies’ Pressured Witness To Change Her Story

Allies of Christine Ford, including a former FBI agent, contacted one of her witnesses to ask her to change her testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Ford allies pressured a witness to change her story, perhaps hoping to find some sort of corroboration for their claims.

The Brett Kavanaugh confirmation seems to be coming to its end, and Mitch McConnell has already put a final vote on the schedule. According to claims made by various politicians in front of the press, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s ‘limited investigation’ into Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations revealed nothing new. However, it seems that something interesting regarding those claims did come forward.

‘Allies’ of the accuser pressured Mrs. Ford’s ‘life-long friend,’ hoping that she would change her story, because lying is okay for liberals if they lie to advance the leftist agenda, apparently. And the witness has the evidence to prove it.

Leland Keyser, one of the four people that Ford claimed was present when she was sexually assaulted by a young Brett Kavanaugh while Mark Judge watched, told investigators that she was urged by a former FBI agent and friend of Dr. Ford’s to alter her statement about what had happened.

She told investigators that Former FBI agent Monica McLean, the woman who Christine Ford’s ex-boyfriend said she helped coach to pass a polygraph test, contacted her.

Keyser also said that McLean urged her to change her testimony.

In a report, the Wall Street Journal said that this statement concerning ‘outside pressure’ applied to an alleged ‘witness,’ who thus far said that not only did she not recall the party, but that she had never met Kavanaugh or seen him with his accuser, offered a glimpse into how Dr. Ford’s ‘allies’ were working ‘behind the scenes.’

These ‘allies’ were hoping to lobby old classmates to bolster the account that she provided to the Senate Judiciary Committee, and to Dianne Feinstein, concerning her claimed sexual assault at the hands of the future federal judge.

Yesterday, a day after the FBI sent the White House and the Senate the report on its concluded investigation, they also sent both an additional packet.

Among the information included in that packet were text messages from Ms. McLean to Ms. Keyser, according to a person who was familiar with the issue.

McLean’s lawyer, David Laufman, claimed in a statement that any account suggesting that his client pressured Keyser to alter her account of what happened is “absolutely false.”

It’s strange that anyone would harass Keyser, given that on the same day that her letter to the Senate was handed over by her lawyer, she told the Washington Post that she believed Dr. Ford’s account.

A person close to the former classmates said that, as she understood it, mutual friends of Christine Ford and Leland Keyser, the former golf pro, had reached out after the golfer’s original statement had been used to rebut the original allegations.

This person said that they had asked the professional golfer to ‘clarify’ her statement, claiming that they hadn’t pressured her to ‘change’ her testimony.

An ex-boyfriend of Ford’s claimed that Monica McLean, the former FBI agent who reached out to Keyser, is the same woman that the Doctor of Psychology provided with coaching to pass a polygraph so she could get into the Bureau in the first place.

That revelation came after she had claimed she never provide anyone such coaching, and even after the initial allegation was thoroughly discredited by sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell, who highlighted a number of discrepancies in her notes from the Ford hearing.

It’s also interesting that when Keyser said that she didn’t have any recollection of any such party, and that she had never met Kavanaugh or seen her best friend at Holton-Arms in the company of the future United States Supreme Court nominee, Mrs. Ford suggested that it could be because of recent ‘health problems.’

According to an alleged family member, she had a number of surgeries on her neck and back due to issues which caused her to have to leave her job as a golf coach at Georgetown University.

At this point, it’s hard to prove anything in this case.

However, it seems fairly obvious that the FBI investigation didn’t turn up anything to support the allegations brought forward by Christine Ford or Deborah Ramirez. While this doesn’t necessarily exonerate Brett Kavanaugh, it does suggest that there’s no actual evidence of wrongdoing.

The Senate will spend most of today talking about whether or not they should confirm him to the Supreme Court.

At this point, though, it seems like the leftist talking point that he is some sort of serial sexual assaulter has been more or less deflated.

However, like with Clarence Thomas, the results of this ‘high-tech lynching’ will continue to blemish his record, and leftists will continue to suggest that he’s guilty, even absent any evidence of such.