Flynn Sentencing Set

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 17 Dec 2019
UPDATED: 5:10 PM 17 Dec 2019

Flynn Sentencing Set After Barr’s Action Leads To Brady Request Denial

This is messed up, it looks like Flynn will be the sacrificial lamb.

Michael Flynn was targeted and entrapped by the FBI, many experts argue, and then was browbeaten by Mueller Brown Shirts into pleading guilty. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

According to some experts, William Barr has just condemned Michael Flynn by withholding classified material.

In an order just released, Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan has denied the Brady requests made by Flynn’s lawyer, rejecting the defense’s position, and scheduling the sentencing date for January 28, 2020.

Flynn’s lawyer argued prosecutors should be held in contempt for failing to turn over evidence that they said would lead to the dismissal of his charges. Many people are asking what about the ‘kill shot’ ordered by Clapper, or the frame up constructed by the FBI?

Sundance with Conservative Treehouse reported:

Judge Sullivan relies heavily on the Mueller report and finds: the case was adequately predicated and authorized by Rod Rosenstein; the original guilty plea to Judge Contreras was appropriately informed; the government followed all appropriate notifications for Brady material; the evidence of Flynn’s guilt is accurately demonstrable to the guilty plea Mr. Flynn accepted; and there was no prosecutorial misconduct.

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[Of course, don’t think about the threats made to Flynn concerning his family and business, or any other horrible action the FBI’s lies and abuse of power caused.]

It is somewhat interesting how the list of material for declassification is a portion of the brady material.  By withholding the classification material (particularly the Susan Rice memo to file) Attorney General William Barr has built the gallows upon which Flynn will hang….

Stars and Stripes reported:

In a 92-page decision, Sullivan ruled there was no basis for Flynn’s allegations that federal law enforcement officials entrapped the retired three-star Army general into accepting a plea deal and that special counsel Robert Mueller’s prosecutors had not wrongfully held back 50 requests for evidence from Flynn’s attorneys.

The judge also denied Flynn’s demands for greater disclosure, saying he “fails to explain how most of the requested information that the government has not already provided to him is relevant and material to his underlying offense — willfully and knowingly making materially false statements and omissions to the FBI … or to his sentencing.”