PUBLISHED: 3:39 PM 5 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 4:14 PM 5 Dec 2017

BREAKING: Flynn Interviews Conducted By FBI Agent Fired From Russia Probe, Covered For Clinton

A woeful Strzok (pictured) has been exposed as a major Clinton supporter who changed Comey's words to exonerate her.

A woeful Strzok (pictured) has been exposed as a major Clinton supporter who changed Comey’s words to basically exonerate her.

It is always fun to scroll the leftist Facebook pages of social justice warriors and Democrats so that all of the memes against Fox News can be seen. The reason for this vehement hatred is not that Fox is fake (that has been proven to be CNN  and ABC), but because they expose the lies and purposeful misconceptions of the mainstream media.

Certainly, they are not a flawless network. However, they were certainly on the ball when they reported that, as predicted, the anti-Trump crowd is being allowed to steer an investigation that should not even be happening. Peter Strzok is an F.B.I. agent who was fired from the Russia probe. He was shown the door “because he sent anti-Trump messages to a colleague,” Fox confirms also.

It has become known that Strzok “oversaw the bureau’s interviews” with former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, something that would certainly hold weight and sway in the matter. It seems like only yesterday that the left was saying that the F.B.I. was not a bias nor political bureau.

Well, sorry lefties, but that seems to not be true at all in light of this.

This mole even altered the words of then F.B.I. Director, James Comey. It is said that Strzok “changed the draft language” about Hillary Clinton’s emails from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless.” This made a huge difference during the campaign, and when put into context, was a favor for the former First Lady that was clearly meant to harm Donald Trump.

Also, “gross negligence” calls for an investigation, which it seems that the disgraced Comey wanted, but was too much of a creampuff to demand once Strzok took the pen from him, so to speak.

This was classified material that we are talking about! This means that Trump is being attacked as much to keep the scandal hidden as much as for being the target of the Democrats for anything that he actually did.

It is even Mr. Strozk who was the one who signed the documents to look into Trump. How is that something that even the most ardent Trump-hater could call fair?

These are facts. Democrats tend to loathe facts because they expose their party and that causes them support known liars in order to push their agenda.

In this case, it does not matter if they like it or not, there was a powerful man dictating and changing the F.B.I. Directors own words to shield a presidential candidate from justice during an election and it happened as the DNC did nothing.

From there, the culprit was allowed to be part of the team that investigated Trump with his bias clearly known. Those are the cold hard facts.

Sources: The Conservative Daily Post – Fox News